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Taoist Funeral Services

To understand, Taoist Funeral Packages we must understand about Taoist Funeral Services & its elements. Now, ‘Taoism’ or ‘Daoism’ had its roots in ancient china. It is more than a religion and it is a philosophy or way of life. Taoism instructs Taoists people to exist in harmony with nature. The balance between ‘Yin’ & ‘Yang’ is the teaching of Lao Tzu. To conclude, Taoism focuses on balancing of the good and the bad inside us and achieves inner peace.

Around 8.8% population of Singapore consists of Taoist people. However, the origin or believes of Chinese Taoist people of Singapore adhered to the Zhengyi school of Taoism. Now, there are different dialects of Taoists in Singapore (e.g. Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, & Hainan). Funeral customs, services may vary slightly depending upon the dialects of the deceased. And, City Funeral consider all the rituals of Taoism carefully based on different dialects. Therefore, our Taoist Funeral Package is crafted conserving the emotions and believes of the Taoists of Singapore.

One of the most important aspects of Taoist funerals is celebrating the deceased’s life rather than mourning their death. Preparing a feast for the deceased’s spirit to enjoy on its long journey back to heaven is part of this. The celebration should be joyful and upbeat, with no negative feelings or memories of the deceased.

In conclusion, we may conclude Taoism also focuses on after life. Therefore, a Taoist Funeral Service is based on this afterlife concept of Taoism. And, a Taoist Funeral is an absolute celebration of life and helping the soul in smooth transition to the different world.

A Complete

Taoist Funeral Package

Taoist Funeral Packages Singapore as offered by City Funeral is the ultimate solution for a Taoist Funeral in Singapore. In addition, we do not charge any hidden cost or GST. Therefore, what you see in our website will what you get. Now, for a 3 days Taoist funeral our Taoist package costs $7588 Nett (Peace). 

In addition, we have Honour ($9588 Nett for 3 days), and Legacy ($11588 Nett for 3 days), as Taoist Funeral Packages. Now, for each day you may add $250.  And, you know that, Taoist funeral wake happens for off no. of days only. (e.g. 3 days, 5 days, & 7 days). Now, this calculation is for HDB void deck setup only. Therefore, doing the same in Funeral parlour may attract higher costs.

Buddhist Funeral Package
Row=package wise
Column=days wise
3 days
5 days
7 days
Peace  $7588 Nett
 $8088 Nett
 $8588 Nett
 $9588 Nett
 $10088 Nett
 $10588 Nett
Legacy  $11588 Nett
 $12088 Nett
 $12588 Nett

Explore the Best

Taoist funeral
packages singapore (updated 2023)


(Most Economic)

$SGD 7588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Standard Taoist Setup with lanterns
  • Floral Arrangement Set (1 Frame & 2 table)
  • 6ft Paper Handicraft House with Gold & Silver Mountains
  • Taoist Priest Chanting Based on Dialect
  • 4 Sided Classic Casket
  • Coffin 1/3 Panel (4 - sided)


(Mostly Sold)

$SGD 9588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Standard Taoist Setup with lanterns (LED PANEL)
  • Floral Arrangement Set (1,6 Floral Altar Setup)
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 8ft Paper Handicraft House with Gold & Silver Mountains
  • 1 8ft Paper Car
  • 2 Roman Stand
  • 5 Priest Chanting Session as per Dialect
  • 8 Sided Classic Casket


(Best Premium)

$SGD 11588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Premium Taoist Backdrop
  • LED Panels
  • Floral Arrangement Set (1,6 Floral Altar Setup)
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 4 Roman Stand
  • 8ft Paper Handicraft House with Gold & Silver Mountains
  • 1 8ft Paper Car
  • 5 Priest Chanting Session as per Dialect
  • Final Tribute Ceremony
  • Full View Panel Casket (Well Polished & Wooden)

Explore the package further


- 01

Service Request

  • To give immediate response to the grieve family,
  • Making all necessary arrangement like CCOD, Digital Death Certificate, & permission for cremation from NEA,
  • Consultation of funeral procedures & planning complete details of the funeral wake and final briefing to the family members of the deaceased.
- 02


  • City Funeral Singapore is amongst the twenty five (25) licensed funeral parlours in Singapore to open in-house embalming facility, & we have a team of proficient licensed female embalmers,
  • Bathing, & clothing the deceased, cosmetology & Embalming to preserve the body for the wake.
- 03

Taoist Funeral Caskets

  • High gloss polished wood with designated religious ornaments.
  • We have different range of Caskets depending upon Taoist FUneral Packages you have chosen. For example, 4-sided, 8-sided, Halfview/ Full-view etc. And, you are free to choose or upgrade any items as per your choice.
- 04

Pallbearers or, Professionals

To provide transport and labours:

  • Collection of deceased body from place of death, to bring deceased body back to our parlour for embalming, make-up and shower, change clothing.
  • Send deceased body and casket back to the funeral wake venue (void deck) for encoffin ritual.
  • On the actual day of the funeral procession to the designated place of cremation.
- 05

Glass Hearse + Transport

  • 1 fully air-conditioned bus of 45 seater capacity (2 – way from wake venue to crematorium)
  • 1 premium and contemporary Mercedes-Benzes Vito glass hearse on the day of funeral wake,
  • 1 fully air-conditioned Mini bus of 8 pax capacity, 3 ways from funeral wake venue to the crematorium and “AnLing”.
- 06

Tentage Setup

  • Standard tent set-up x 1 Set
  • Carpet flooring, and void deck enclosures
  • A premium Taoist theme backdrop, LED Panels
  • Surrounding canvas x 2 Sets
  • Cooking area / Catering area canvas x 1 Set
  • Square Table x 15 Pieces
  • Round tables x 10 Pieces
  • Plastic Chairs x 80 Pieces
  • Table clothes, & seat covers
  • General lighting as per Taoist theme
  • attractive lighting ambience
  • Big fans x 2 Sets
  • Small fans x 4 Sets
  • Air-cooler x 2 Sets (Add-on) $40/piece/day
- 06

Encoffin Necessities

  • Cotton roll
  • 2 Oil cup
  • 1 high quality porcelain incense burner
  • Long sandalwood Incense (est 6 hrs)
  • Short sandalwood incense (est 1 hr)
  • Gold and sliver coins mountain
  • others joss paper
  • Red Cloth, Red Plate and paper umbrella
  • Golden boy & Jade Girl
  • 1 Taoist Lantern
- 07

Taoist Preist Chanting Session

Taoist priest chanting session are carried out by ereverend monks and as per dialects. The details of the same as follows,

  • Hokkien : Small (1, 3+2,1)
  • Teochew : 清經 (5)
  • Cantonese : 倒頭經 (1, 4, 1)
  • Hakka : 清經 (1, 5, 1)
  • Hainan : Small (1, 5, 1)
- 08

Soka Funeral Flowers

  • Floral frame of 11″ x 12″ (1 Set),
  • Elegant Taoist funeral wreaths for the decaesed photo area (1 Set),
  • Table bouquets (2 Sets),
  • Roman stand.
- 09

Vegetable Food Offerings + Catering

  • 1 set of food offerings for the deceased, serve during encoffin ritual,
  • 1 set of food offerings for deceased and 1 set of food offerings for ritual, serve during final night of funeral
  • Catering system for the guest
  • Packed mineral waters
  • Toffees/ Candies
  • Fruits like orange, melon seeds etc.
  • Tea, Coffee, & beverages etc.
- 10

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photograph to 10inch by 12inch frame up with wooden photo frame.
  • 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph.
- 11

Guest Reception

  • Condolence Book,
  • Donation Collection Box,
  • Safe Box,
  • Record-Keeping Register,
  • Large Notice of Funeral,
  • Stationary Items/Set,
  • Infrared Thermometer,
  • Safe Check-in Entry,
  • Masks,
  • Sanitizers,
  • Appreciation Tokens for Guests,
  • Floral Cleansing Waters for Guests.
- 12

Paper Products

  • 1 paper house of size 6 feet big,
  • 1 pair of gold bar and sliver bar mountain,
  • 2 units of clothing and money chest,
  • 1 set of paper accessories
  • Customized upgrade available as per request and size of paper houses are different as per different Taoist Funeral Packages
- 13

PA system on final night

  • We will provide PA system on final night for guest reception, family needs, & any other requirement,
  • Final Tribute Ceremony preparation etc.
- 14

Add-on Services

  • Taoist Sea Burial Services,
  • Inland Ash Scattering Services,
  • Post Funeral Grief Support,
  • Online/ Newspaper Obituary Placement,
  • Yearly Funeral Remembrance Festival,
  • Cremation Jewelry,
  • Dignified Taoist Urns,
  • Taoist Gong-Tek
- 15

Non-Inclusive Items

* Others Items needed for encoffin necessities, (eg: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis.
* Other Items not in the package, e.g: Food, drinks, peanuts, fridge etc. will be charge on a consignment basis.
* This package does not includes the charges for using of parlour (if any).
* This package does not includes the charges for Tablets, Niches and Urn.
* We provide upgrading of package services, for examples, upgrade of Coffin type, or upgrade of chanting Sutra.
* No-hidden cost or GST for all our pricing.
* Customised of package is available upon request.
* Pro-Bono funeral is available upon request.

More Insights

Taoist Funeral

A Taoist Funeral Singapore will include an altar with a sacred lamp and two candles, as well as a photograph of the deceased placed in front of the casket. Around the altar,  joss sticks and candles will be placed for family and friends to pay their respects to the deceased.

As an offering to the deceased, their favourite foods will be placed. The Taoist priest will chant and recite scriptures and sutras. Following the chanting, the priest circles a fire in which the nine tiles are placed. The nine tiles represent the underworld’s nine levels.

The priest then waves a sword to ward off any evil spirits present in the ceremony and breaks the tiles to free the deceased’s soul from the underworld. A priest sits on a lotus-shaped seat throughout the funeral procession, praying to Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy.

Why Our’s Package is the Best Taoist Funeral Packages in Singapore?

Why we say that, City Funeral provides the best Taoist Funeral Packages in Singapore. Well, the reasons are as follows,

  • We must tell that, you are in the best company. City Funeral is one the twenty five (25) licensed funeral parlours in Singapore having its in-house embalming facility. Therefore, you may imagine the depth of value and high standard service we can provide to our clients.
  • Alverna Cher & Leslie Wong the two young, agile leader of City Funeral have experienced over a decade to handle and organize funeral services of various religions. They drive the energetic team of our company.
  • You will get the most premium funeral services at the affordable cost.
  • We have lot of customization options so that you can get the most perfection you require even in a small matter.
  • We offer various add-on services like post-funeral, grief counselling, sea burial, & Inland ash scattering services etc.

Therefore, we may easily conclude we have the best Taoist Funeral Package Singapore.

Due to the fact that there are different denominations within Taoism, the rites and rituals for the deceased can differ from one to another. But aside just providing the arrangements, City Funeral Singapore, experienced in Taoist Funeral Singapore practices and customs, are able to provide advice and guidance to the family in a bid to ensure that proper honor and dignity are given to their loved one, amidst a meaningful funeral.

Our Funeral Consultants are familiar with both Taoist Rites and all the necessary activities. You can be rest assured that we will provide the right advice whenever needed.

Most importantly, our staff are well trained, understand what family’s grief entails and we are always sensitive to family members’ needs. These are among the numerous reasons why many Taoist families in Singapore trust us when it comes to Taoist funeral services.

We were confused and dazed during the death of our mother. Soon after we called City Funeral Alverna took the charge. She then arranged a dignified and solemn Taoist Funeral for us. All religious elements were correct and complete in all respect.


Therefore, if you need Taoist Funeral Packages City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


Taoist funeral ceremonies frequently include an altar with a sacred lamp, two candles, tea, rice, and water.
The sacred lamp represents the light of wisdom, but it is also known as the Golden Pill or Elixir of Immortality.
Two tall candles, one on each side of the lamp, represent the light of the sun, moon, and both eyes of the human body.
In front of the altar, cups of tea, rice, and water are placed. Tea represents yin, water represents yang energy, and rice represents the union of yin and yang.


Five fruit plates are used to represent the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Green, red, yellow, white, and black are the colours associated with these elements. These elements are all part of a cycle that, when balanced, ensures the body's health. In the center of the five elements is an incense burner. Incense burning represents the refinement and purification of the soul, also known as the inner energies.


The ceremony is usually held in a person's home over an odd number of days, usually three, five, or seven. During the time before burial, the candle is lit for the body. The relatives wear white during the vigil and funeral.


Taoist people believe in resurrection soul. And, funeral is not the end of life rather an another beginning. A Taoist funeral is always a celebration of life and helping the soul to reach afterlife.

Now, it may seems Buddhist Funeral or Taoist funeral both are same and happens for odd no. of days only. No, that is not correct. Buddhism started in India and based on Buddha's teaching to attain 'Nirvana'. On the another hand, Taoism is a Chinese folk religion based on the writings of Tao/ Dao. Now, both of them have different outlook over death. As a result, rituals or funeral rites are completely different.

There are 49 days of mourning period in Taoism. And, it can be extended up to 100 days. A Taoist Funeral Singapore only happens for odd no. of days. For example, 3, 5, & 7 days.

In City Funeral, Taoist Funeral Service starts pricing from $SGD7588 (Peace). There are 2 more Taoist Funeral Service Packages Honour ($SGD9588), & Legacy ($SGD11588).

Before the completion of Taoist funeral in Singapore, no one allowed to cut their nails or hairs.

Yes, City Funeral provide Teochew Taoist Funeral Services.

Yes, we have a Taoist Funeral Package Singapore for Hakka dialect people.

Yes, we can arrange Hokkien traditional Taoist Funeral Services.

Cantonese Taoist Funeral Service is for the Cantonese dialect people in Singapore. And, we do provide funeral services to Cantonese people.

Yes, City Funeral can provide Zhoan Taoist Funeral Packages.

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