Soka Funeral Packages
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Are you from Soka-Gakkai community in Singapore? And, looking for the best Soka Funeral Packages Singapore?

Then, you are absolutely at the right place. Because, City Funeral provides dignified yet affordable Soka Funeral Packages in Singapore.

Therefore, City Funeral assists the Soka-Gakkai people to arrange a solemn send-off for their departed loved one. And, Soka funeral services cover all the religious rites of the Soka-Gakkai people in Singapore.

To conclude, City’s Soka Funeral Package Singapore is 100% complete in all respect. And, it is respectful to the Nichiren philosophy of death.

Soka Funeral Packages Singapore (Updated 2022)

City Funeral Singapore ave 2 variants of Soka Funeral Packages in Singapore (Best as of 2022). Firstly, a Basic 3 – Days Soka Funeral Package priced at $4000 Nett. Next, a VIP 5 – Days Soka Funeral Package and the cost of the same is $4700 Nett.

3 – DaysBasic Soka Funeral Package$4000 Nett
5 – DaysVIP Soka Funeral Package$4700 Nett

Soka-Gakkai community is based on Nichiren philosophy Buddhism. Therefore, they believe the oneness of Life & Death. Hence, they believe that death is just beginning of another journey to the eternity.

Now, Soka people trust chanting ‘Nam-myoho-renge-kyo’ will bring courage, wisdom, compassion, and happiness in life. And, passing one’s loved one is painful but one has to remain calm while grieving.

However, chanting ‘Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for their departed loved one brings eternal peace to him/her.

Generally, a Soka funeral is much simpler version of a Buddhist Funeral. Therefore, there is no need of complex ritualistic religious events or show-off. To conclude, City’s Soka Funeral services are crafted in accordance with the faith of Soka-Gakkai. And, the same is serene , very simple, and affordable.

Soka Funeral Packages Singapore (HDB – Void Deck Setup)

City’s Soka funeral services available for both HDB void deck and for funeral parlour at some extra funeral parlour rental charges. However, below are the facilities / items you may expect in a Soka Funeral package Singapore.

Engagement of Funeral Director

  • CCOD by a house call doctor if the death occur at home
  • Next, online death registration and obtain the registration certificate
  • And, A complete briefing session with our experienced funeral director to plan the Soka Funeral Services with the family

Soka Casket

  • High glossed polished 4 – sided wooden Casket (Upgrade Available)


  • Young and energetic team of female embalmers
  • Bathing the deceased, and perform embalming & cosmetology services


  • Collection of the deceased from the mortuary, hospice, or home and bring him/her to our facility for embalming, bathing, and cosmetics
  • After that, sending the deceased back to the place of funeral wake either at HDB – Void deck or at Funeral parlour
  • On the actual day of funeral ceremony, and to the cremation center

En-coffin Items

  • Sandalwood powder
  • Sandalwood
  • Cotton rolls
  • Oil cups x 2 Sets
  • Pillow
  • Porcelain incense burner x 1 Set
  • Long sandalwood incense, & short incense
  • Quilt as per Soka ritual
  • Soka ceremonial items

Void-deck Setup

  • Standard tent set-up x 1 Set
  • Carpet flooring, and void deck enclosures
  • A premium Soka theme backdrop
  • Surrounding canvas x 2 Sets
  • Cooking area / Catering area canvas x 1 Set
  • Square Table x 15 Pieces
  • Round tables x 10 Pieces
  • Plastic Chairs x 80 Pieces
  • Table clothes, & seat covers

Electrical Arrangements

  • General lighting as per Soka theme
  • attractive lighting ambience
  • Big fans x 2 Sets
  • Small fans x 4 Sets
  • Air-cooler x 2 Sets (Add-on) $40/piece/day

Vegetarian Foods & Fruit Offering

  • Food offerings for the deceased
  • Fruits offerings for the deceased person

Refreshment & Sanitary (Add-on)

  • Catering system for the guest
  • Packed mineral waters
  • Toffees/ Candies
  • Fruits like orange, melon seeds etc.
  • Tea, Coffee, & beverages etc.
  • Portable toilet ($80/Per day)

Chanting of “Daimoku”

Soka Funeral Flowers

  • Floral frame of 11″ x 12″ (1 Set)
  • Elegant Soka funeral wreaths for the decaesed photo area (1 Set)
  • Table bouquets (2 Sets)

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photograph to 10inch by 12inch
  • 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph

Transport Charter

  • 1 fully air-conditioned bus of 40 pax capacity (2 – way from wake venue to crematorium)

Complimentary Items/Services

  • Condolence books
  • Gift box
  • QR code scanning entry
  • Mandai cremation booking
  • Mandai cremation fees
  • Death registry fees
  • Urn
  • Sea burial (Add-on)
  • Inland ash scattering (Add-on)

**Other Items Not Included

  • Others Items needed for en-coffin necessities, (e.g: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Funeral parlour rental
  • No-hidden cost or GST for all our pricing
  • Pro-Bono funeral is available upon request
  • Sound System e. Speaker, Mic, Music Stand, Amplifier etc.

We do not have any hidden charges or GST and we practice transparency in our Funeral Packages Singapore pricing. Therefore, what you see in our website is exactly what you will get.

Soka Funeral Packages Payment Option

City Funeral accepts cash, cheque, Debit Cards, Credit Cards & Pay Now. However, Terms & conditions apply.

Soka Funeral Packages Singapore

City’s Soka Funeral Packages – Few More Words

Its very difficult to lose a person you love. And, The grieving process is very difficult and often requires a long time to process. Therefore, Some Soka family members may have difficulties after a family member has died.

And, experienced funeral director to handle a Soka funeral in Singapore is less. As, the religion is relatively young and it was completely unknown until the late 1990s.

In this regard, City Funeral understands the death and grief of the Soka people and experienced in handling dignified, and serene Soka Funeral.

City Funeral’s empathetic approach to funerals and funeral services can help families feel less burdened, because we can help them by taking care of things like the funeral, and other services associated with it. For example,

  • Embalming, dressing, bathing, & cosmetology,
  • Casket furnishing,
  • Highly skilled Soka Funeral professionals,
  • Mandai Crematorium booking,
  • Ash collection to placing it inside urns,
  • Choosing columbarium, & place the urns in Niche,
  • Comprehensive Funeral planning,
  • Post funeral services,
  • Quality of urns and caskets etc.

Our funeral services are competitive in price. We manage all of the administration in-house, so we don’t have to outsource any of our functions , and to prevent any middlemen from charging us more. It gives you a personalized and convenient one-stop solution for planning a Soka funeral.

Why Our’s Package is the Best Soka Funeral Packages in Singapore?

Soka-Gakkai community members in the city of Singapore trust City’s Soka Funeral Services , primarily due to the way we understand the Soka religion and their beliefs regarding life and death.

We respect, honor and respect the people who have passed on, in full compliance with what the Soka religion tells and that they followed throughout their lifetime.

Other reasons Soka community choose the City Funeral’s Soka Funeral Package Singapore include:

  • Firstly, We practice complete Transparency in our pricing of funeral package. Therefore, there is no hidden cost or GST embedded in the Soka Funeral Package.
  • Secondly, We offer Soka Funeral Packages at the most Affordable cost. Hence, you may save up to 25% compared to other Soka funeral package available from other Funeral Services Singapore.
  • Next, Alverna Cher lead our energetic team of young funeral professionals who is first certified Care Planner in Singapore. Therefore, Experience, Leadership, & Empathy which drive our Funeral Services company.
  • Finally, you can check our Client’s Reviews available on the public domain which establish our Trustworthiness of Soka Funeral Service Package. Therefore, we are the most Trusted Soka Funeral Director of Singapore.

To conclude, we do not show-off and false advertise. What you find in our website is the exact services what you will get.

Final Words

Soka-Gakkai focuses its teaching on enabling people to live happy and fulfilled lives and has not created the intricate rituals that some religions have created to commemorate this occasion.

Soka family members can be assured that we respect them and treat them with respect and dignity, as is required in order to practice the ethics of Soka.

We do funerals that are more simple and more sophisticated than services that other funeral services provider offer. They’re also more respectful and respectful than other Soka funerals that other Funeral directors offer in Singapore.


Who are Soka-Gakkai?

Soka-Gakkai people are those who follows the Nichiren school of Buddhism. Soka-Gakkai religion is based on Japan. And, in Singapore there is Singapore Soka Association which is a dedicated community for the Soka people in Singapore.

Tell me about the Soka Funeral Etiquette Singapore?

Soka Funeral is very simple and serene. As we have told earlier, it is a simplest version of Buddhist Funeral. Therefore, you can remain calm throughout the wake, extend your deepest sympathy to the bereaved family, offer your homage to the deceased and always bring some gifts. And, the preferred dress for a Soka funeral is white.

How to prepare for a Soka Funeral Singapore?

Just have all necessary documents of the deceased person, concentrate on your attire, and any problem or confusion just give a call +6598892744.

I am a Soka? Does a Funeral packages for Soka is available on Singapore?

Yes, plenty of Soka Funeral Packages available in Singapore. However, if you searching the dignified, simple, and the most affordable you can rely on City’s Soka Funeral Service.

Who offers the best Soka Funeral Package in Singapore?

City Funeral Singapore offers the best Soka Funeral Package Singapore as of 2022.

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