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International Repatriation Funeral Services

Repatriation Funeral Packages Singapore by City Funeral is best for International repatriation of human remains. And, both inbound and outbound to Singapore repatriation services readily available with us. A repatriation funeral is when a deceased person’s remains are not in their home country. So, the country of death arranges the sending-off the human remains to the person’s home country for a funeral.

The process of repatriating a body back to one’s home country can be quite challenging. In Singapore, the process is also difficult because of the limited number of funeral companies that cater to people who want a hassle-free repatriation. However, It is not impossible for you to have your loved one brought back home after their passing. Actually, you just need to know where and how to begin the repatriation process in Singapore. To assist you with your inquiries and planning, we have outlined some information below on repatriation funeral packages Singapore.

When it comes to International Repatriation services, there are few funeral services companies which can meet the requirements. We are proud to announce that, City Funeral is amongst the top companies that can provide a premium funeral repatriation services in Singapore. We have tie-up arrangements with various counterparts in several countries. And, we are the most preferred repatriation funeral partner of the various embassies in Singapore. In addition, we are proficient at handling all legal requirements and paper works. To conclude, We have arranged frequent repatriation with Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Papua New Guinea, India, Belgium, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Los Angeles, Holland, Korea, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, & Hong Kong.

A Complete

Repatriation Funeral Package

Repatriation Funeral Packages Singapore as offered by City Funeral is an absolute solution for a repatriation Funeral. In addition, we do not have any hidden cost or GST embedded in the package. Therefore, what you are viewing in our website is the same you will get.

When it comes to Internal Funeral Repatriation services in Singapore, City Funeral Singapore is a household name. Depending on whether the repatriation is inbound or outbound, our repatriation costs start at SGD$2,000.

Repatriation Funeral Package
International Repatriation Services
Repatriation Funeral Package Singapore  starts from $2000 Nett

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Repatriation funeral packages singapore (updated 2023)

Grace Inbound

(Inbound to Singapore from other countries)

$SGD 2000 Nett
+ Funeral Costs as per Religion
  • Tie-up with counter part company overseas
  • Obtain Death certificate
  • Complete paperworks & any other legal obligation
  • Obtain permit to repatriate the deceased or human remains
  • Flight booking
  • Receiving at Singapore
  • Embaliming & Funeral Arrangements

Grace Outbound

(Outbound from Singapore to other countries)

$SGD 2000 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • CCOD
  • Obtain Digital Death certificate
  • Linguistic translation of the death certificate, if required
  • Preservation of the body & Embalming
  • If only ash to be repatriate then Creamation procedure
  • Flight booking (Ticket cost exclusive)
  • Staying arrangements for family if required
  • Handover the funeral related matters or the post-repatriation matter to our tie-up overseas
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Repatriation Funeral

Repatriation Funeral Package (Outbound) Singapore to Other Countries

  • Collect body at place of death (home , hospital, hospice, or mortuary).
  • Requirements for obtaining a coffin export permit through the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) or Airport. However, The Port & Airport Health Unit (Port Health) plays a key role in this step.
  • Handling all necessary paperwork for returning the body to the family.
  • Taking care of the any other logistics required as and when required in the international repatriation process.
  • Provision, if necessary, of an air-conditioned spacious room or place to place the body whilst we wait for customs clearance to be granted. In addition, the ill-fated family members can also rest there.
  • Providing a language enabler or linguistic translator to enable relatives to communicate easily with us.
  • Liaison with foreign funeral services providers to receive the casket, body or the human remains to proceed further with a funeral.
  • Freight Charge and Air Fares to transport the dead body inside a coffin.
  • Authenticate documents needed for airport and airline clearance.

Repatriation Funeral Package (Inbound) Other Countries to Singapore

  • Handling all necessary legal paperwork & logistics to ensure there are no unnecessary delays in the repatriation process in the foreign land.
  • Ensuring that, the family members of the deceased can come back to Singapore smoothly and without any issues.
  • Requirements to enable the families to fly back to Singapore like book a ticket, passport or Visa clearance.
  • Engaging a funeral director at the foreign country to ensure that he/she can help the bereaved family in all aspects. For example, obtain a death certificate, certify the cause of death, translating the death certificate to English if it is in other language.
  • Endorsing the necessary documents to secure the necessary immigration and airport clearance for foreigners traveling to Singapore.
  • Application for Import permit at the Port Health.
  • Application to NEA for cremation or burial.
  • Any other requirements, to arrange a dignified funeral in Singapore as per the deceased’s religion e.g. Buddhist, Taoist, or Christian.
Repatriation Funeral Packages
International Repatriation Services

Payment Option for Repatriation Funeral in Singapore

We accept cash, cheque, debit card, credit card, wire-transfers & PayNow. Terms & conditions apply.

Why Choose City Funeral for International Repatriation Services?

City Funeral is a funeral services provider in Singapore that offers international repatriation services. We understand the importance of making the arrangements for your loved one in a way that feels right for you and your family. That’s why we offer transparent pricing for repatriation funeral packages based on each individual’s needs.

Our Experienced Team will work with you to create a custom plan designed specifically for your loved one’s repatriation. We also know that arranging this delicate process can be difficult, which is why we offer affordable repatriation and direct cremation options as well as compassionate support throughout the entire process.

We have been providing quality services to the bereaved families across Singapore since a decade. So you can be sure that City Funeral will take care of everything from start to finish. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to choice for international repatriation funeral.

When it comes to repatriation funeral packages in Singapore, there are a variety of services and options available. Choosing the right one for your needs is important, so be sure to do your research first.

There are a number of factors to consider, such as price, service quality, and availability. Ultimately, the best decision will depend on what you want and need from the repatriation funeral package.

So take some time to think about what you want from a repatriation funeral package in Singapore. Perhaps contacting City Funeral can help you get started.

I must say City Funeral in not only the best funeral services Singapore but the best International Repatriation Services provider in Singapore. They handled all documentation correctly and handle the repatriation services hassle-free.


Therefore, if you need Repatriation Funeral Packages, City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


An International Repatriation Funeral is a special type of funeral that helps facilitate the repatriation of remains to their home country. It’s also known as an international funeral service, international transfer of body, or overseas burial.

We have formulate the same in our article on International Repatriation. To know more you can visit IATA website.

City Funeral is most trusted repatriation funeral director in Singapore as designated by the most foreign embassies of Singapore.

When planning a repatriation funeral, it is important to understand the specific dress codes of the mourners and identity documents of the deceased that will be required. In addition, the clothes of the deceased and legal documents of family members are also important things to consider.

City Funeral’s repatriation funeral packages start from $2000. However, depending on the religion of the deceased, complexity of the repatriation process, paper works, duration of the wake price may very slightly or significantly.

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