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Funeral Pre-Planning

Here we will discuss about Funeral Pre-Planning Singapore.

Now, in Singaporean society discussing on death is very taboo subject. And, this is not only the problem with this country only. Basically, who want to think about his/her death? Your death is a fatal incident to your loved one. Therefore, no one take interest in thinking about Death and get frustrated.

On the other hand, Death is ultimate and no one can avoid this final destination. Now, what about planning it ahead? We don’t find it that taboo. In most of the advanced countries like USA, UK, Australia planning ahead the final journey already started a decade ago. Why a country like Singapore should lag behind?

To explain, funeral pre-planning has many benefits. Therefore, preplan a funeral will make your family from any financial burden. In addition, they will also have peace of mind after you passed. And, their grieving process and grief overcoming will be much easier. Why should anyone want to pass some burden after his/her death?

To help you, we will represent comprehensive guidelines on Funeral Pre-planning in Singapore.  

A Complete

Why you should pre-plan your funeral?

There are several reasons to support why you should preplan your funeral in Singapore. However, we will present six (6) benefits funeral planning ahead of time. The same as follows,

  1. Planning your funeral ahead of time can help relieve stress and financial burden on your loved ones.
  2. When you pre-plan, you can choose the type of funeral you want as well as the details that will be included in the service. This takes the guesswork out of it for your loved ones and ensures that your wishes are carried out.
  3. Pre-planning can also assist you and your loved ones in making difficult decisions about funerals and burials.
  4. Pre-planning can also be used to honor your loved one’s life and memory. It allows you to consider special details, such as music and readings, to help memorialize your loved one’s life.
  5. Make funeral arrangements ahead of time can also assist you in making certain that all of your funeral arrangements are made in advance. This can assist in ensuring that your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are not burdened with making difficult decisions during a time of grief.
  6. Funeral pre-planning can also help your family save money in the long run. Because you have the ability to choose the type of funeral services, you can shop around for the best prices in advance to ensure that your funeral is within your budget.

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How to preplan your funeral in Singapore?

The first and foremost thing you should consider how to get things in order after your death. As a result, we would like to advise you to plan or write a Will for yourself. Now, a Will is a legal document containing your instruction to distribute your assets. In addition, it also contains your last wishes about your family when you passed.

A will, in general, includes your assets and liabilities. It determines who will inherit your assets. If you have children under the age of 21, it will name the legal guardians to care for them. The will also names executors to undertake your wishes.

City Funeral Singapore provides an authentic Will Writing services in Singapore starting from $SGD98 only. Our founder and certified Will planner Alverna Cher had written almost 1500+ wills. And, she can guide you from start to end to write an effective will that can safeguard your future.

In addition, the other two (2) legal documents which are important as well are Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) & Advance Medical Directives (AMD). The good news is Alverna can prepare these documents also in addition to Will Writing.

Now, a LPA is a legal person or persons who will undertake decisions on behalf of you when you passed or lose your mental balance. On the other hand, an AMD to direct doctors that you do not want to prolong your life through artificial machines and treatment.

Therefore, all these legal documents are part and parcel of funeral pre-planning process. However, the complete pre-planning process you can particularly mention in your Will. And, all you need to do avail City Funeral’s Funeral Preplanning services. To conclude, our Funeral Preplanning package Singapore is complete in all aspects and available in affordable cost.

Funeral Preplanning Dos & Don’ts

  1. Funeral pre-planning Dos are explained below,
  2. Consult a range of funeral preplanning services provider,
  3. Check each packages from preplanning services provider carefully,
  4. Try to choose an affordable funeral preplanning package with highest no. of features,
  5. Always select a service provider with good reputation, and good no. of positive reviews,
  6. Try to look for funeral customization offer they provide,
  7. Read our post on comprehensive Funeral preplanning checklist.

Funeral pre-planning Don’ts are written below,

  1. Don’t take any decisions in hurry,
  2. Don’t overlook other factor like age, gender, & health condition,
  3. Don’t forget to read terms and conditions carefully,
  4. Don’t shy to get help from experienced friends or some legal advisors if required.

Funeral Preplanning Services Singapore

City Funeral is Singapore’s leading provider of funeral preplanning services.
They strive to provide comprehensive and personalised funeral preplanning services that meet the needs of all their clients with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Therefore, if you need a complete funeral preplanning services in Singapore City Funeral should be your first and foremost choice.

Funeral Preplanning Packages Singapore

Funeral planning can be an upsetting and distressing emotional experience. City Funeral Singapore provides a number of funeral planning packages that are both affordable and comprehensive. With these packages, you can be confident that your loved one’s funeral will be handled with respect and dignity. Our funeral preplanning packages include everything you need to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out. Our preplanning packages cover everything from burial or cremation services to memorials. You can rely on us to ensure that your loved one’s final journey is handled correctly and in accordance with their wishes. To ascertain, the cost of funeral preplanning Singapore we have prepared Funeral Preplanning Calculator.

The ultimate Funeral Pre-planning Checklist Singapore (Updated 2023)

Compile your basic information

The first and foremost step is to compile all your basic information. Cause, when you passed even the coolest and most responsible family members can found themselves in confusion and grief. Therefore, you should compile all your basic and vital information in one place. And, preferably the same is to be kept in written format. Now, the following are the your basic information,

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • Family members name & relationship with them
  • Occupation, last work details, date of retirement date etc.

Intimate your family

After, you have availed the funeral preplanning services from a company you should intimate the same to your family. You should gently inform them about it and details not required. However, you can take their opinions on funeral wake service. As you know that, discussing about death and your own death is not acceptable in our society. That’s why, you should not completely indulge your family members in the funeral preplanning process in Singapore.

Identify Funeral Services provider

The next phase of preplanning is to identify your funeral services provider. Now, most of the funeral services provider actually offers the funeral preplanning services in Singapore. Therefore, from whom you have purchased the preplanning package you can choose them.

Discussion on wake services planning

Now, if you find that planning the wake services or customization of funeral a bit tough. Therefore, it is not bad an idea to get some expert advice in the matter. In this scenario, our funeral director can help you also to decide how to arrange a grand funeral for yourself. And, you can customize each item in the funeral wake service 

Decide on disposition

You will decide about the disposition of your body. To explain, the choice between cremation and burial. Therefore, you must decide whether your dead body to be cremated or buried. Now, in Singapore burial is not a common choice due to space scarcity. Hence, cremation is mostly preferred deposition process in Singapore.

Organ Donation

If you want to donate your organs to help the distressed you can express the same to the service provider. The option is not for everyone. And, you must take precaution and opinion from your family members before opting for organ donation scheme.

Record Obituary preferences & information

Now, it may sounds weird that one writing is one’s own obituary messages. But, in today’s world it is not that odd. Take help some poetic friend or make yourself creative to write whatever you want in your obituary messages. In addition, you may choose where to put the obituary like newspaper, website (online) etc. Therefore, this is an inevitable part of the funeral preplanning process. 

Make payment

What should be the payment procedure is a vital choice in the funeral preplanning process in Singapore. Because, in a funeral preplanning Singapore you have to opt for monthly or quarterly payment. Therefore, either you pay from credit card or register a SI with bank.

Plan a grief support sources for family

 After your death, your friend and family may find themselves in utter frustration and grief. If you care about your family’s emotion you should take care of their mental health after you passed. City Funeral Services offer Grief support services which are a proven technique to help your family to come out of grief. Therefore, if you avail funeral preplanning services from City Funeral Singapore we will provide grief support services to your family.

Choice of Caskets

Choice of caskets is a very important consideration in funeral preplanning process. City funeral Singapore has a wide range of caskets for your choice. For example, simple coffin, 4-sided casket, 8-sided casket, lotus casket, 6-sided casket, half/full view casket etc. All of our caskets are made of woods. And, we also offer green casket especially for environment conscious persons.

Choice of Urns in case of cremation

If you choose cremation then obviously after the cremation one urn is necessary where your remains will be collected. If you are completely planning your funeral in advance you may choose an urn of your own choice. And, in that urn your remains will be collected. City funeral Singapore has a wide range of urns to choose from to cater your need and to make the funeral preplanning Singapore complete in all aspects.

Choice of Niche or Columbarium

The next step in your funeral preplanning process in Singapore is choice of niche and columbarium. If you already have family niche in some columbarium then you may choose that one. However, you can also choose a completely new niche in a different columbarium for yourself.

Sea Burial

Sea burial is eco-friendly ash disposition option available in Singapore. Sea burial facility is gaining popularity lately in Singapore. Sea burial process means after ash collection and put the ash inside an urn and finally disposes the same in the sea. If you are an environment conscious person and want a different final goodbye we hope sea burial may be the best option. And, of-course you will happily include sea burial services in your funeral preplanning package.

Inland Ash Scattering

Inland ash scattering at ‘Garden of Peace’ is another ash disposal technique that has been introduced recently in Singapore. In this technique, you collect the ash in an urn and after that you scatter it at ‘Garden of Peace’. If you wish this to be included in the funeral preplanning package you can do it. To conclude, City funeral will help you in every way possible so that Inland ash scattering process gets completed in due course successfully.

Choice of foods

Choice of foods to be served to the guests invited is an important consideration in the funeral preplanning process. A good food is always part of every ceremony. But, whether it is that much effective in celebration of life? Now, death is all about sorrow and grief. In addition, in a funeral ceremony people come not to celebrate but to offer homage to the departed. And, no one really pay attention to the food that is served. But, to make everything perfect in the funeral preplanning you may choose the list of food items to be served to the guest.

Guests to be invited

In the next phase of your funeral preplanning in Singapore process you must prepare the list of guests to be invited in your funeral wake. Therefore, it should contain all the people known to you like your friends, well-wishers, relatives etc. And, it is not to mention that one who having some enmity with you obviously will not be invited.

Songs, scriptures, and readings etc.

This musical arrangement is very special like songs you love, any poetry of your choice or readings from any Novel etc. To elaborate, you like

Choice of any other things to personalize

You can choice any other thing like often you may opt for a thematic funeral or an alternative funeral. You may choose release of doves or balloons in your funeral. Or, any other things you want to personalize as per your choice.

To summarise, funeral preplanning in Singapore is an important process that assists individuals and families in preparing for the final farewell of a loved one. It enables a more organized and stress-free funeral, allowing mourners to focus on the celebration of life rather than the logistical details. Individuals and families can use funeral preplanning to ensure that their loved one’s funeral is held in the manner that they desired.

I am a 35 years old & I have availed funeral preplanning package from City Funeral Singapore. Alverna explain each and every possible corners of funeral preplanning to me. She also help me to choose the ideal package with affordable premium rate & also have funeral customization option.


Therefore, if you need Funeral Preplanning in Singapore, City Funeral is ready to serve you.

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