Funeral Costs in Singapore

Funeral Costs In Singapore – The Complete Guide (2023)

How much a funeral costs in Singapore as of 2023?

Avid readers of our City Funeral blog asked us the question? Our answer is the blog post on Funeral Costs in Singapore (Completely updated price list as of 2023).

Therefore, costs involved to arrange a funeral in Singapore in 2023 will be discussed. And, we have done a thorough investigation of the price list of each and every funeral company in the industry or allied. Hence, you will get the exact or correct information on Funeral Costs in Singapore (2023).

Death is always a taboo subject. No one wants to discuss about death. As the morbid thoughts and grief associated with death is a tough fact everyone one to avoid.

But, at the end all of us will die. And, in our lifetime we have to undergo with the pain when some of our close will meet the ultimate destiny.

Now, funeral is a social representation of our grief and celebration of the life of the deceased with the society. Hence, to estimate the funeral costs in Singapore is an utmost duty. And, the same comes with several benefits like peace of mind, budget funeral, cut extra expense, & homage to your deceased love one without breaking your account.

Funeral Costs in Singapore (Updated 2023) – Determination Factors

Let’s start with the determination factors that decide the funeral costs in Singapore in 2023. Thus, cost of funeral in Singapore depends on the following determination factors,

  1. Place of death (Inland/Overseas),
  2. Nature of death (Normal/accidental),
  3. CCOD,
  4. Digital death certificate Singapore,
  5. Placing obituary,
  6. Recruiting a funeral director,
  7. Option of Embalming,
  8. Choice of caskets,
  9. Photographs,
  10. Hearse rental,
  11. Manpower involved,
  12. Visitors & Relatives invited,
  13. Food menu or, Buffet,
  14. No. of days of funeral,
  15. Mobile toilet facility,
  16. Traveling expense,
  17. Funeral flowers,
  18. Burial vs. cremation,
  19. Choice of Ash disposal,
  20. Choice of Columbarium, urns, & niches,
  21. Location of wake,
  22. Any alternative funeral planning,
  23. Will making,
  24. Grief counselling services.

1. Place of death (Inland/Overseas)

If the tragedy of death occurs outside Singapore (overseas), you may need to notify the appropriate authority under the jurisdiction of the country. Next, you’ve got two options to choose from- either transport the deceased to the homeland for cremation/ burial or transport the body solely by cremating and returning only the ashes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can assist in finding a trusted funeral director and guiding you through the further procedure of bringing back your cherished loved one. Currently, City Funeral Singapore is the preferred repatriation service provider among various embassies of other countries in Singapore. We offer a Repatriation funeral package that combines the best value and affordability in Singapore.

Bringing your loved one back to Singapore isn’t cheap. Furthermore, you may be required to comply with all the guidelines issued by the International Airlines Trade Association (IATA). According to them, a body must be embalmed prior to repatriation. Therefore, embalming the corpse, en-coffining, and flight fees play a major role in establishing the cost of repatriation funerals. Ultimately, one needs to submit a coffin import fee of approximately $20 at the Port/ Airport Health office. To summarize, the City Funeral provide International Funeral Repatriation Services starting from $2000 onward.

On the other hand, if the death occurs in Singapore the process is much simpler and straightforward. All you have to do obtain a Digital death certificate, then cremation permit, arrange wake and so on and so forth.

Thus, place of death plays an important role in determining the overall costs of funeral in Singapore.

2. Nature of death (Normal/accidental)

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