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NON-RELIGIOUS Funeral Services

Are your loved-one a Free Thinker? And, you need a Non-religious funeral services for him/her? That is, you are looking for a Free Thinker Funeral Packages in Singapore? You are at the right place. City Funeral’s Free Thinker Funeral Packages will exactly cater your needs.

Now, a sudden demise of your loved one may be stressful and hard. And, to find a reliable funeral services is more tough at the time of grieving. Under these circumstances, City Funeral obliged to be at your side. It does not matter whether your loved one abide by a religion or not. Therefore, our Free Thinker Funeral Package in Singapore is for the Free Thinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, and the Non-Religious persons.

Now, the best part is that our Free Thinker Funeral services package is crafted in accordance with the lifestyle, personality, specific wish of the deceased and taste of the family members.

Therefore, our Free Thinker package can be customized or personalized based upon,

  • Individual characteristics of the departed
  • Views and way of Life of the deceased
  • Specific requirements of family members and friends

Hence, this funeral package is more like a celebration of life and remembrance of the departed rather than a ritualistic religious funeral. Therefore, this type of funeral can take any shape as traditional religious rites are not present. And, we are bonded to make it more meaningful in every way possible. City Funeral committed to ultimate comfort of the mourner during the Non-religious Funeral and value added services like sea burial, inland ash scattering etc. are readily available.

Therefore, we arrange dignified, solemn non-religious funeral services for those who need it. And, below are the arrangements you may find in a Free Thinker Funeral Package in Singapore.

A Complete

free thinker Funeral Package

Free Thinker Funeral Packages Singapore as offered by City Funeral is a complete solution for a Non-religious Funeral. In addition, we do not have any hidden cost or GST embedded in the package. Therefore, what you are viewing in our website is the same you will get. Now, for a 3 days Free Thinker funeral our Non-religious package costs $5588 Nett (Solace). 

In addition, we have Fulfilled ($6588 Nett for 3 days), and Peace ($7588 Nett for 3 days), as Free Thinker Funeral Packages. Now, for each day you may add $250.  And, as you know in Singapore you may expect odd number of funeral days only. However, even no. of funeral days is also possible in a Non-religious funeral. (e.g. 4 days, 5 days, & 7 days). Now, this calculation is for HDB void deck setup only. Therefore, doing the same in Funeral parlour may attract higher costs.

Buddhist Funeral Package
Row=package wise
Column=days wise
3 days
5 days
7 days
Solace  $5588 Nett
 $6088 Nett
 $6588 Nett
 $6588 Nett
 $7088 Nett
 $ 7588 Nett
Peace  $7588 Nett
 $8088 Nett
 $ 8588 Nett
Non Religious Funeral Services

Explore the Best

FREE THINKER funeral packages singapore (updated 2023)


(Most Economic)

$SGD 5588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Non-religious Funeral Services
  • Free Thinker Backdrop
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 4 Sided Classic Casket


(Mostly Sold)

$SGD 6588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Non-religious Funeral Services
  • Premium Backdrop Free Thinker Theme
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 2 Roman Stand
  • 8 Sided Classic Casket
  • Recitation of Poetry or Music


(Best Premium)

$ 7588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Non-religious Funeral Services
  • Grand & Lavish Backdrop Free Thinker Theme
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 4 Roman Stand
  • Non Religious Funeral Prayers
  • Full View Panel Casket (Well Polished & Wooden)
  • Recitation of Poetry
  • Special Musical Band
  • Release of Doves or Balloons

Explore the package further


- 01

Engagement & Services by Funeral Director

  • To give immediate response to the grieving family, making all necessary arrangement and consultation of funeral procedures
  • CCOD
- 02


  • Young and energetic team of female embalmers
  • Bathing the deceased, and perform embalming & cosmetology services
- 03

Non-Religious Funeral Caskets

  • 4 sided coffin , High gloss polished wood with designated religious ornaments (Upgrade Available)
  • Pillow, blanket, & cotton rolls
  • Sandal wood, powders etc.
  • Other Casket furnishing items
- 04


  • Collection of the deceased body from the place of death (home, hospital, or hospice) to our parlour for bathing, embalming, and clothing
  • Send the deceased back to wake venue
  • On the actual day of funeral procession and ceremony to cremation place
- 05

Glass Hearse + Transport

  • 1 fully air-conditioned bus (Capacity of 35 to 40 Pax), 2 ways from funeral wake venue to the crematorium.
  • 1 fully air-conditioned Mini bus (Capacity of 8 Pax), 3 ways from funeral wake venue to the crematorium
  • A contemporary hearse to transport the deceased to the designated places of cremation
- 06

Tentage + Electrical + Sitting

  • Standard tent setup for casket area x 1 Set
  • Carpet to cover the floor
  • Curtains in casket area
  • Surrounding Canvas x 2 Sets
  • Cooking Area Canvas x 1 Set
  • Color or Theme to be set as per choice
  • Add-on) $40/piece/day
  • Square Tables x 15 Units
  • Round Tables x 10 Units
  • Chairs x 80 Units
  • Mobile Toilet (1 Unit) (Add-on)
  • Lights & General Lighting setup
  • Ceiling Fans x 4 Units
  • Stand Fans x 2 Units
  • Decent & Gorgeous Lighting Ambience
  • Air-coolers x 2 Units (Add-on)
- 06

Encoffin Necessities

  • Pillow
  • Cotton Rolls
  • Blanket
  • Sandalwood
  • Sandalwood Powders
  • Oil Cups
  • Incense Sticks
- 07

Musical Band or Recitation of Poems

  • Musical band to create the mood & set the ambience
  • Recitation of poems or any other passages as per the choice of the departed
- 08

Funeral Flowers

    • 1 elegant photo flower wreath
    • 2 table bouquets on the photo frame
    • Roman stands
    • Upgrade available as per package
- 09

Vegetable Food Offerings + Catering

  • Fruits & Other Food items offerings for the deceased
  • Packed Mineral Waters
  • Packet Drinks
  • Tea, Coffee Beverages
  • Oranges
  • Peanuts
  • Melon Seeds
  • Other Food Items
  • Candies/Toffees
- 10

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photograph (10″ x 12″) frame up with wooden photo frame
  • 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph
- 11

Guest Reception

  • Condolence Book,
  • Donation Collection Box,
  • Safe Box,
  • Record-Keeping Register,
  • Large Notice of Funeral,
  • Stationary Items/Set,
  • Infrared Thermometer,
  • Safe Check-in Entry,
  • Masks,
  • Sanitizers,
  • Appreciation Tokens for Guests,
  • Floral Cleansing Waters for Guests.
  • White Tea Shirts & Blank Pants
- 12

Add-on Services

  • Sea Burial Services,
  • Inland Ash Scattering Services,
  • Post Funeral Grief Support,
  • Online/ Newspaper Obituary Placement,
  • Yearly Funeral Remembrance Festival,
  • Cremation Jewelry,
  • Dignified Soka Urns.
- 13

Non-Inclusive Items

  • Others Items needed for en-coffin necessities, (e.g: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Funeral parlour rental
  • No-hidden cost or GST for all our pricing
  • Pro-Bono funeral is available upon request
  • Sound System e. Speaker, Mic, Music Stand, Amplifier etc.
More Insights

free thinker Funeral

A Non-religious Free Thinker funeral is generally led by a Funeral Director or a celebrant. Therefore, it is his/her duty to lead the funeral ceremony and the mourners throughout the day. Below are the events you may expect at a Non-religious free thinker funeral services,

  1. The Freethinker funeral ceremony starts with some music,
  2. The celebrant welcomes all the guests to the celebration of life ceremony,
  3. Then, he/she may briefly present a speech on the deceased like his thinking, individual perspectives, way of life, deeds, legacy,
  4. Then, each of the guests and close relatives pay tribute and they may also have their small speech about the deceased,
  5. Balloons, pigeons may be released in the sky,
  6. A moment of silence to give the ultimate homage to the departed,
  7. The coffin is taken away,
  8. The celebrant presents some closing remarks and extend vote of thanks to the attendees,
  9.  Music plays as the guest leaves,
  10. Then, cremation and the remaining part of the funeral services begin.

A free thinker funeral can take place in funeral parlour, HDB void deck, and in the private landed properties of the deceased.

Free Thinker Funeral Packages

Why Our’s Package is the Best Free Thinker Funeral Packages in Singapore?

Now, we do not say that our funeral package for Non Religious or Free thinkers is best in Singapore. Its the review and opinion of our happy customers. And, if you want to find out the reasons, they are as follows,

  1. Firstly, the transparency of pricing. We do not have any hidden costs in Free Thinker Funeral Package Singapore. To conclude, what we have written or showcase in our website is exactly what you will get.
  2. City Funeral is leaded by 1st Care Planner in Singapore Alverna Cher. She has a decade of experience in handling funerals of various religions along with non-religious funerals.
  3. We have a bunch of young, enthusiastic, and capable employees who are dedicated to arrange a funeral service which is dignified and solemn.
  4. With our Free Thinker Funeral Package Singapore, you can save up-to 25% comparing to the same package from other funeral services in Singapore. As, we have included several complementary items and services inclusive in the package. Therefore, this is the most affordable Free Thinker Funeral Package in Singapore.

Non-Religious or Free thinker funerals are the common place for the atheist or humanist who simply rejects the concept of God. And, they do not limited themselves to traditional rites and rituals of any religions. In addition, they are much more open minded and have much more believe on themselves.

Therefore, there funeral arrangements are not bounded by ritualistic ceremonies like reading hymns or presence of any priest or monks. Rather, their funeral is a celebration of life, remembrance and their good deeds. In addition, the Free Thinker funeral reflects their life, their way of life, and their liking and disliking.

City’s comprehensive Free Thinker Funeral Packages absolutely satisfies the need of Free thinkers in Singapore. Our dedicated and well experienced team is determined to provide best services possible to the non religious persons.

Our family was much stressed as our mother is an Atheist. When we talk to Leslie & Alverna we came to know City Funeral also offer services to Non-religious people. And, its their Free Thinker Funeral Service Package. Everything was completed without any problem. We are thankful to them for the rest of llifetime. Yep, they are passionate about arranging funerals.


Therefore, if you need Free Thinker Funeral Packages City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


A person who rejects accepted opinions, especially those concerning religious belief. Freethinkers include atheists, agnostics and rationalists. For more, comprehensive guidelines please visit Freedom From Religion website.

Yes, City Funeral’s Free Thinker Funeral Packages Singapore available for you if you are an Atheist.

Yes, City’s Free Thinker Funeral Package Singapore is exactly for an Agnostic person.

Yes, our Free Thinker Funeral Services Singapore will satisfy your need.

As Free thinker funeral does not have any ritualistic rites you don’t need to get tensed. Even, dress codes for a Free thinker funeral is not necessary. Just be calm and cool and be courteous to the faithful departed.

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