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Direct CREMATION Funeral Services

Direct Funeral Packages Singapore are nothing but Direct Cremation Services. And, Direct Funeral Packages by City Funeral is the most economic funeral services option available in Singapore. Now, we have already told that Direct Funeral Package are nothing but straight case cremation. However, City Funeral still offers the deepest respect to the deceased, and utmost sympathy to the bereaved family.

As the name suggest, Direct Funeral Package in Singapore is the most simplest version of funeral. Because, the ritualistic rites of religions and funeral wake are not present with this type of funeral. In addition, as the body cremated as soon as possible the need of embalming also not there. However, City Funeral may arrange chanting from a monk or priest as per religion if required.

And, if you are looking for a Direct Funeral Services in Singapore, City’s Direct Funeral Packages absolutely suit your need. To conclude, we offer the best Direct cremation services at only $1000 which is affordable yet dignified.

Thus, we have learned that, Direct funeral in Singapore is nothing but straight-case cremation services. This is the most economic or cheap funeral option available in Singapore. City offers a wonderful direct cremation funeral service package. And, it completely fit with the middle class or the people who want to complete funeral without any heavy wake arrangements.

A Complete

dIRECT Funeral Package

Direct Funeral Packages Singapore as offered by City Funeral is an integrated solution for a direct cremation services. In addition, we do not have any hidden cost or GST embedded in the package. Therefore, what you are viewing in our website is the same you will get.

When it comes to Direct Cremation Funeral Services in Singapore, City Funeral Singapore is a household name. Depending on whether any religious rituals like prayers needed or not costs start at SGD$1000.

Repatriation Funeral Package
Packages Price
Direct Funeral Package Singapore w/o Religious Rituals  $1000 Nett
Direct Funeral Package Singapore w/ Religious Rituals  $1388 Nett

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Direct Funeral
Packages Singapore (Updated 2023)


(W/o Religious Elements)

$SGD 1000 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • CCOD
  • Obtain Digital Death Certificate
  • NEA Permission & Slot Booking for Cremation
  • Complementary Ash Collection
  • Simple Coffin Casket
  • Simple Urn

Soul Religion

(W/ Religious Elements)

$SGD 1388 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • CCOD
  • Obtain Digital Death certificate
  • NEA Permission & Slot Booking for Cremation
  • Complementary Ash Collection
  • Simple Coffin Casket
  • Simple Urn
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Religious Chanting or Prayers
More Insights

Direct Funeral

What You Can Expect in Our Direct Cremation Package?

  • Simply polished wooden Casket,
  • Basic Transport requirement along with pallbearers,
  • Dressing up the deceased in the attire provided by the family,
  • Helping the family in obtaining CCOD from a house-call doctor if the death occurred at house,
  • Death registry,
  • Booking of Mandai cremation slot,
  • Mandai cremation fees payment,
  • Ash collection services.

Add-on to Direct Funeral Package

  • Make-up or cosmetology services,
  • Premium Glass hearse,
  • Arrange a small chanting session as per religious rites,
  • Photo enlargements,
  • Condolence flower wreaths,
  • Ash disposal like Sea burial or Inland ash scattering,
  • Urn for ash collection,
  • Columbarium or Niche selection and fees payment.

Direct Funeral Package Singapore – Payment Option

City Funeral accepts Cash, Cheque, Debit Cards, Credit Cards & Pay Now. However, Terms & conditions apply.

City’s Direct Funeral Packages – Few More Words

Direct Funeral is a disposition option that allows one to cremate the body of their loved one on the same day that the person dies. Therefore, There’s no funeral service or wake arranged for the deceased. We, City Funeral covers all the necessary aspect of Direct cremation covered in our Direct Funeral Packages.

Now, the basic characteristics of a Direct funeral may be as follows,

  • The body is cremated on the same day and almost immediately after the death. However, you may consider the time to collect the body, preparing the body, apply for cremations, and some overhead time.
  • The body generally cremated in a wooden casket and not in a very costly casket.
  • Embalming is not required as there is no wake service arranged.
  • A small memorial service may be arranged at later date in remembrance of the deceased.
  • Direct Funeral Packages or Direct cremation packages are the cheapest funeral services in Singapore.

How Should I Prepare for a Direct Cremation Services?

While preparing for the direct funeral of your loved one you should take care of the following necessities,

  • Full set of clothes for your deceased loved one’s final journey like top, bottom, undergarments and shoes.
  • Set of items to be put in the casket preferably the items loved by the departed like books, food items, soft toys etc.
  • Identification documents to apply for the death certificate which will in turn required for the cremation permission.
  • Identification documents of the next kin of the deceased like son, daughter, wife, brothers etc.
  • Any last wish of your loved one like any special music, any special place, any food items to put into the casket.
  • Sea burial or inland ash scattering or columbarium.
  • choice of urns.

Anyway, our experienced funeral director will guide you from the beginning to the end to say the hardest goodbye to your loved one.

Direct Funeral Packages Singapore
Direct Funeral Package

Why People Preferring Direct Funeral Services Now-a-days?

Some Singaporeans actually love having a cheap and convenient service that they can use instead of a conventional funeral services with lot of rituals. If there are no other funeral services that are suitable, would it not be better to choose Direct Funeral Services?

  • People who don’t want to pay for expensive, ceremonious events during a wake and want to have a very ordinary funeral. Because, it allows them to spend the money in some more important purpose rather a funeral.
  • Some people who die without any immediate relatives or who have relatives who are living a long distance and are thereby able to not be present at a last rites at a very short notice.
  • Many people don’t want that their loved one waste both time and efforts in a materialistic and ritualistic funeral wake service.
  • Those people who are poor and lives below poverty line and finally they can not spend in arranging costly funeral services.
  • Those people who are very much busy with their daily routine or have some strict office schedule may prefer Direct funeral to save time.
  • Direct cremation sometimes may be considered good for murdered victims, accidental death victims, or any other people having unnatural death where the body is deformed.

Why Our’s the Best Direct Funeral Packages in Singapore?

City Funeral for the last decade committed to the people of Singapore with its Professional and sincere funeral services. Therefore, a decade of experience and accumulation of field knowledge enable us to serve Buddhist, Taoist, catholic, christian, and soka people of Singapore.

Alverna Cher, the first care planner in the country lead the company. And, our enthusistic staff are dedicated to provide highest customer satisfaction and maintain proper standards of funeral services. To conclude, we give our 100% to arrange a dignified and serene funeral for most of the main stream religions of Singapore.

Next, the price of various funeral packages we offer are affordable, transparent and economic. Hence, if you compare the same package from similar funeral services companies of Singapore you can understand you can save almost 25% with our Packages.

And, for direct funeral we may that, like all other funeral packages our Direct Funeral Packages are complete in all respect. To conclude, we always try to offer the maximum services in an affordable price. This, City’s Direct Cremation Funeral packages are the best in the city of Singapore.

Many people in Singapore find that arranging a full-scale religious funeral is out of reach for them. Simply, They don’t have enough money for it. And, others would rather prefer spending their last moments with their deceased loved one in private, and choose to have no elaborate funeral rituals.

In such circumstances, our direct funeral packages is the ideal choice. Because, It saves you from all the fuss and costs associated with holding a traditional religious funeral service. In addition, paying for embalming and doing any preparations necessary for a public memorial service also not required.

Now, our direct cremation services help families save money by enabling them to organize funeral of their loved one without the need of involving a middleman. Because, we manage the entire process in-house, avoiding paying out expensive middleman.

City Funeral take care both of the legal and the financial aspects of arranging a quick cremation. Therefore, it gives you the time and space to plan. And, you can plan how you want to remember your deceased loved one in a way which is appropriate to you and your family.

Direct Funeral Package in Singapore as offered by City Funeral is absolutely the best. Its Economic. We are going from Financial Stress & Alverna & Leslie saved us. Simple cremation along with Buddhist prayers were organized by them in a smooth manner.


Therefore, if you need Direct Funeral Packages, City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


Direct funeral simply refers to the Direct cremation option in Singapore. Therefore, no funeral wake, no embalming and no extra cost to you. Thus, it is the simplest form of a funeral where the deceased is cremated soon after the death without performing religious rituals and wake service.

The process of preparing for a Direct funeral is very easy. Therefore, consider the clothing for your loved one, a casket, choice of an urn, and all identification documents of the departed and his/her next kin. To include, you should have some simple attire for you and always remain calm and cool.

Direct Funeral is the cheapest funeral option available in Singapore. Because, most of the costly elements are not present in a Direct cremation funeral.

City Funeral Singapore Pte. Ltd offers the best Direct Cremation Funeral Package in Singapore. To know, we suggest you read our article on Direct Funeral Packages.

City Funeral Singapore is the best and trustworthy Direct Funeral director in Singapore.

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