“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself. ” Philippians 3:20-21 

Christian Funeral Service | Packages

Preparing for a Christian funeral sometimes is an overwhelming task. That’s one reason why some people opt for the easy way out.  They sometimes look to handle this by themselves but end up not efficiently doing so.

We must recall that Christians view death as a doorway to a better place.  Therefore, family and friends ought to be comforted knowing that their loved one is resting in peace in heaven.  The Christian sees this as assurance of their destiny according to what the Bible says regarding life after death as well as faith in Jesus.

At City Funeral Singapore, we handle Christian funeral services in a way that they are not somber but more of a Life Celebration for the deceased.

Christian Funeral Service, usually creates an opportunity for pre-plan of Funeral Service in Singapore, and such would assist and help in getting the needed equipment and facilities in place. Christian Funeral Service is usually done in accordance with the laid down rules and traditions of the Christian or Catholic faith. Pre-Planning your own Christian Funeral Service should not pose much of a task, all that are needed in a Christian Funeral Service are just some few key things which would really help. They include:

Casket, Embalming, Funeral Services, Collection and sending of body within Singapore, Hearse, Pall-bearing, Supervision and co-ordination of related services, likewise Funeral artifacts. Planning the Christian Funeral Service is a major breakthrough when planning a funeral service in Singapore as the Christians have their own rules they follow and adhere to.



Assistant From Funeral Director



Pall-Bearer Services

*1 set of Standard Set up at Casket Area

*Carpet Flooring & Cutains at Casket Area
*2 Pieces of Surronding Canvas
*1 Piece of Cooking area Canvas
*10 Round Tables, 15 Square Tables & 80 Plastic Chairs
*2 Big Fans, 4 Small Fans & General Lighting



PA System

Photo Enlargement

Flower Arrangement

Bus Charter



Complimentary Services


Polished Wood Cremation half glass Casket. (Diamond )


Yes - 30 pax buffet on last night


Polished Wood Cremation half glass Casket. (Octagon )

Yes - 30 pax buffet on last night


Polished Wood Cremation half glass Casket. (Add on for Brial)

Yes - 30 pax buffet on last night

Customised Theme

Polished Wood Cremation half glass Casket. (All)

Yes - 30 pax buffet on every night

Yes -Limosine

3 Days at void deck cost $4800
5 Days at void deck cost $5800

  1. Funeral Director
    To assist in report of death, booking of cremation slots, making all necessary arrangement and consultation of funeral procedures.
  2. Casket
    A Simple Polished Wood Cremation half glass Casket. (Model number – Diamond )3)Hearse1 Classic Hearse transport on last day of funeral
  3. Embalming
    Embalming and cosmetic make-up service5)
  4. Pall-Bearer services
    Collection of deceased body from place of death, Hospital or Home.
    Transportation service to bring deceased body back to our parlour for embalming, make-up and shower.
    Transportation service to bring deceased body back to funeral’s venue (void deck)
    Transportation service to bring choice of Casket to funeral’s venue (void deck)
    Pall-Bearer to present encoffining service.
    One service staff on last night of funeral.
    Pall-Bearer on last day of funeral.
  5. Tentage
    1 set of standard tent setup for casket area.
    Carpet flooring and curtains in casket area.
    2 pieces of surrounding canvas.
    1 piece of cooking area canvas
    10 round tables, 15 square tables and 80 plastic chairs
    2 big fans, 4 small fans and general lighting.
  6.  Toilet
    1 portable plastic toilet.
  7. Decoration
    Christian funeral decoration setup and backdrop.
    PA System- 1 set of sound PA system.
    1 keyboard and stand.
  8. Photo Enlargement
    1 enlarged photograph with 10inch by 12 inch wooden frame.
    6 pieces of passport-sized photograph.
  9. Flower arrangement
    1 photo flower wreath.
    1 table bouquet.
  10. Bus charter
    1 air conditioned bus to crematorium and back. (35 to 40 pax capacity)
  11. Food
    30 pax buffet on the last night.
  12. Complimentary services
    Complimentary Ash Collection Services
    Complimentary Condolence book
    Complimentary Condolence safe book
    Complimentary Funeral notice on Coffin top
    Complimentary Funeral Obituary poster at wake
    Complimentary on-line memorial account.
  13. Cremation of deceasedOptional Cost
    *Others Items needed for encoffining necessity, (eg: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis.
    *Additional Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis. No-hidden cost or GST.
    *Optional to upgrade Casket from Diamond to Quartz*Package price exclude purchase of Urn, Niche space and Marble Inscriptions.Contact Us  : 98882744
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