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Christian Funeral Services

To understand Christian Funeral Packages Singapore, we need to understand basics of Christian Funeral Services. To begin, let us have a deep dive into Christianity & Christian funeral traditions, rites, and rituals. Christians in Singapore comprises of 18.9% of country’s population. Christianity is the largest religion of the world. Christianity is based on the teaching of the Jesus Christ & the holy gospels. Further, Christians divided into various sub-groups like Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant etc. Each of them has their different set of customs and rituals. But, the main theme of Christianity is the faith in the Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

In Christianity, people believe in the existence of heaven, hell, & purgatory. In addition, they also trust the concept of resurrection of soul. Now, one who has accumulated good deeds throughout his lifetime will go to heaven. The persons who have committed sins will go to hell.  And, the one with forgivable sin will go to purgatory to clean up his soul and subsequently will reach heaven. Now, in a Christian Funeral Service is like a celebration of life of the deceased and offer prayers to the God for smooth transition to the afterlife.  

A Christian Funeral generally consists of a Funeral Mass, a eulogy, Rite of committal, and Bible readings or prayers. Now, when your loved one passed you may find yourself in a confused state and grieving. Here’s our Christian funeral services play a major role. City Funeral offer Christian Funeral packages which is premium yet affordable. We are best at providing Christian Funeral Packages for a grand celebration of the life of your deceased loved having faith in Christianity.

A Complete

Christian Funeral Package

 City Funeral Singapore is the most trusted Christian Funeral director in Singapore. As we offer the premium Christian Funeral Package Singapore at economic cost. And, our package is in conformed with the rituals of the Christian churches in Singapore.  In addition, we do not have any hidden cost or GST. Therefore, what you see in our website is the same what you will get exactly. Now, for a 3 days Catholic funeral our Christian Funeral package costs $6088 Nett (Solace). 

In addition, we have Fulfilled ($7588 Nett for 3 days), and Peace ($9088 Nett for 3 days), as Christian Funeral Packages. Now, for each day you may add $250. Actually, there are no hard and fast rule for no. of days of Christian Funeral. However, a Christian funeral may occur from 3 days to 7 days. Now, this calculation is for HDB void deck setup only. Therefore, doing the same in Funeral parlour may attract high costs.

Catholic Funeral Package
Row=package wise
Column=days wise
3 days
5 days
7 days
Solace  $6088 Nett
 $6588 Nett
 $7088 Nett
 $7588 Nett
 $8088 Nett
 $ 8588 Nett
Peace  $9088 Nett
 $9588 Nett
 $ 10088 Nett

Explore the Best

Christian Funeral Packages Singapore (Updated 2023)


(Most Economic)

$SGD 6088 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Traditional Christian Setup Backdrop
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray
  • 1 Full Set of Sound System and Keyboard
  • 6 Sided Classic Casket (Elegant)


(Mostly Sold)

$SGD 7588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Grand Christian Setup Backdrop
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 1 Floral Cross
  • 2 Roman Stand
  • 1 Full Set of Sound System and Keyboard
  • 8 Sided Classic Casket


(Best Premium)

$SGD 9088 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Grand Backdrop Christian Theme
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 1 Floral Cross
  • 4 Roman Stand
  • Christian Funeral Prayers
  • 1 Full Set of Sound System and Keyboard
  • Full View Panel Casket (Well Polished & Wooden)

Explore the package further

Christian Package Description

- 01

Call Booking

  • CCOD if the death occurs at home from a house-call doctor.
  • Register the death & obtain Digital Death certificate.
  • Having a  discussion on the funeral wake, any special desire of the deceased or the family.
  • Prepare a complete roadmap of the funeral services and events.
- 02

Embalming & Cosmetology Services

  • Embalming by professional female embalmers
  • Bathing the deceased
  • cosmetic make-up service
- 03

Catholic Funeral Caskets

  • A Simple Polished Wood Cremation half glass view Casket (Upgrade available as per package or request received from client)
  • bible scriptures, or wooden cross,
  • Holy water, Rosary etc.
- 04

Pallbearers or, Professionals

  • Collection of deceased body from place of death, Hospital or Home.
  • Transportation service to bring deceased body back to our parlour for embalming, make-up and shower.
  • Transportation service to bring deceased body back to funeral’s venue (void deck)
  • Transportation service to bring choice of Casket to funeral’s venue (void deck)
  • Pall-Bearer to present encoffining service.
  • One service staff on last night of funeral.
  • Pall-Bearer on last day of funeral.
- 05

Glass Hearse + Transport

  • 1 fully air-conditioned bus of 45 pax capacity (2 – way from wake venue to crematorium)
  • 1 premium glass hearse  (Mercedes-Benzes Vito ) for the funeral ceremony.
- 06

Tentage Setup

    • 1 set of standard tent setup for casket area.
    • Carpet flooring and curtains in casket area.
    • 2 pieces of surrounding canvas.
    • 1 piece of cooking area canvas
    • 10 round tables, 15 square tables and 80 plastic chairs
    • 2 big fans, 4 small fans and general lighting.
    • Air-cooler x 2 Sets (Add-on) $40/piece/day
- 06

Prayer Items

  • Candles (Small + Large),
  • Rosary,
  • Wooden Cross,
  • Holy waters,
  • Bible Copies etc.
- 07

Rosary Ceremony + Catholic Prayers

Christian Funeral prayers are inevitable part of a Christian Funeral. Prayers are taken place alongside silence. And, prayers are recited by the Veteran Christian Priests (known as pastors) as endorsed by Christian churches of Singapore. Christian prayers can be taken place at Rite of Committal, or at Funeral Mass.

- 08

Catholic Funeral Flowers

    • Candles with stands – 1 pair,
    • 1 photo flower wreath,
    • 1 table bouquet. 
    • Roman stand.
- 09

Vegetable Food Offerings + Catering

  • Food offerings for the deceased
  • Fruits offerings for the deceased person
  • Catering system for the guest
  • Packed mineral waters
  • Toffees/ Candies
  • Fruits like orange, melon seeds etc.
  • Tea, Coffee, & beverages etc.
- 10

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photograph with 10inch by 12 inch wooden frame.
  • 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph.
- 11

Complementary Services

  • Mandai Crematorium Booking,
  • Mandai Crematorium Fees,
  • Ash Collection Sevices,
  • Condolence Book,
  • Donation Collection Box,
  • Safe Box,
  • Record-Keeping Register,
  • Large Notice of Funeral,
  • Stationary Items/Set,
  • Appreciation Tokens for Guests,
  • Holy Waters for Guests.
- 12

Add-on Services

  • Christian Sea Burial Services,
  • Inland Ash Scattering Services,
  • Post Funeral Grief Support,
  • Online/ Newspaper Obituary Placement,
  • Yearly Funeral Remembrance Festival,
  • Cremation Jewelry,
  • Dignified Christian Urns.
- 13

Non-Inclusive Items

  • Cremation of deceased
  • Others Items needed for encoffining necessity, (eg: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis.
  • Additional Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis. No-hidden cost or GST.
  • Optional to upgrade Casket from Diamond to Quartz
  • Package price exclude purchase of Urn, Niche space and Marble Inscriptions.
More Insights

Christian Funeral

A Christian funeral service, like most religious funerals, is based upon the person who has died. The service is usually taken place in a church, crematorium, or cemetery and includes prayers, a sermon, readings, hymns, and occasionally music or poems. In addition, as a tribute to the deceased, a friend or family member may choose to deliver a eulogy.

Before the funeral service:


Before the actual funeral service, friends and family gather. They exchange memories, read prayers, and sing hymns; it is generally regarded as a celebration of life. This ceremony is usually held at the home of the bereaved family, a Christian church, or even the funeral home. 

On the day of the service:

The entrance-

Pallbearers will carry the coffin to the room/burial site once friends and family arrive at the venue. A priest or minister will sprinkle holy water on the coffin or casket and read a bible passage.

Hymns and prayers-

There will most likely be a number of hymns and prayer readings throughout the service. These will have been chosen by the deceased’s family, who may have been given instructions by their loved one before their death.Here is a list of some of the most popular funeral hymns. Many funeral services include a Psalm reading, most commonly Psalm 23 (‘The Lord is my shepherd’).

Funeral Mass-

The Eucharist Prayer and Holy Communion will be delivered by a priest or minister.
A mass is not always included in Christian funerals, but if it is, it usually adds about 30 minutes to the funeral service.

Rite of Committal-

A priest or minister performs this at the final resting place (graveside for a burial or before the curtains close at a cremation). Friends and family are given the opportunity to say their final goodbyes here. Some mourners will sprinkle dirt on the casket.

After the funeral services:

Funeral wake-

Mourners will gather at the home of the bereaved family to express their grief, offer condolences, and read Psalms. Food and drink are frequently provided, and attendees are encouraged to bring flowers or gifts for the deceased’s family.

Why Our’s Package is the Best Christian Funeral Packages in Singapore?

City Funeral provides the most premium Christian Funeral Packages in Singapore at the most competitive price. And, we are the most preferred and trustworthy Christian Funeral Services Director in Singapore. But, what are the reasons? Are we just a big mouth? Or what we state is true. Here are the reasons for your kind consideration,

  • City Funeral is headed by Alverna Cher and Leslie Wong. Both of them have in-depth experience of handling funerals of different religions. Now, our founder Alverna handled more than 100+ Christian funeral services in Singapore.
  • City Funeral almost 10+ years in funeral business. And, now one of the licensed funeral parlours in Singapore to handle in-house embalming. Our decade of experience help us to understand the need of family.
  • We offer the premium and best Christian Funeral Services at affordable cost. Now, you can arrange the best to pay homage to your deceased loved one without breaking the bank.
  • We have almost 100% positive feedback from the customers that we have served through the decade. Such creditability makes us unique and to stand out in the market.

In what we fully understand is a very distressing and traumatic time for you, City Funeral can guide your bereaved family through the entire Christian funeral process with compassion and understanding.

In addition to our post-funeral support services, you can get all of the necessary funeral goods, including high-quality caskets, directly from us, saving you the trouble and additional cost of looking elsewhere.

I personally offer my gratitude to Alverna Cher & City Funeral team for arranging a premium class Christian Funeral services at such short notice. Even the smallest things they give ultimate perfection and the backdrop setup was excellently beautiful.


Therefore, if you need Christian Funeral Packages City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


A typical Christian funeral lasts 45 minutes to an hour. It usually includes Bible readings, prayers, a sermon, a eulogy, and music. The deceased's family and friends can also share stories and memories of their loved one. The service concludes with a final blessing and the casket being removed from the church.

A condolence card or flowers are appropriate to bring to a Christian funeral. You may also want to bring a Bible to the service to reference scripture passages that the deceased treasured. Donations to a charity in memory of the deceased are another meaningful way to remember them.

Wear conservative clothing in dark colours such as black, navy blue, or grey to a Christian funeral. Women should avoid revealing or low-cut clothing. Men should dress formally with a suit, dress shirt, and tie. Women should dress in a gown or skirt and blouse. Hats are recommended but not required. It is also important to consider the family's wishes; they may suggest a specific dress code.

Christians can, in fact, be cremated. Although the Bible does not explicitly state whether cremation is acceptable for Christians, many denominations accept and allow cremation as a disposal option for a person's remains. Cremation is frequently regarded as an honourable way to remember the deceased, and many churches provide funeral services for those who choose to be cremated.

No, children are not typically permitted to attend Christian funerals. The service is a solemn occasion that may not be appropriate for children, and the content may be too difficult for them to comprehend. Children may be too young to sit still and silent for a prolonged amount of time, and their presence can be annoying.

City Funeral Singapore offers the best Christian Funeral Packages in Singapore as of 2023.

For those who have lost a loved one, the Bible provides comfort and hope. It reminds us that being absent from the body means being present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). It reminds us that the dead will be raised (John 5:28-29) and that God will one day reunite us with our loved ones (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

A Christian funeral service in Singapore mainly contains a funeral ceremony, a memorial service, Bible readings, prayers, eulogies, and hymns. Other elements that the deceased's family may choose to include include a time for family and friends to share stories, a time for recollection, and a time for the the last committal.

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