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Catholic Funeral Services

Catholic Funeral Packages Singapore by City Funeral is one of the classes of Catholic Funeral Package as available in Singapore. Our Catholic Funeral Package is for the people of Singapore  having faith in Catholicism. To begin with, the first catholic priest set foot in Singapore in the year of 1821. After that, Catholicism start growing in Singapore. However, the present population Catholics are around 3% of total population of Singapore.

City Funeral offers Catholic Funeral Services to the Catholics of Singapore which is solemn, dignified, and complete in all respect. In addition, our funeral package is affordable and as per the traditions of Roman Catholic church. To understand Catholic Funeral Services further we must understand the concept of life and death in Catholicism.

Catholics view death as the beginning rather the end. Like Christianity, Catholics also believes in the resurrection of the soul. And, death is only the end of the physical body only. Next, the almighty passes judgement on the soul of the departed which is known as ‘Particular Judgement’. To explain, each person is responsible for his/her own action during the worldly life. And, those who lived a holy life will be rewarded with eternal peace/ happiness & eventually the soul will resurrect.  

Now, the other important concept in Catholicism is ‘the Purgatory’. This is the stage where the soul is cleaned or gets rid of all kinds of Sin. That’s all about a catholic Funeral Service in Singapore. Now, our Catholic Funeral package is one-stop solution for arranging a dignified Roman Catholic Funeral in Singapore.

A Complete

Catholic Funeral Package

 City Funeral Singapore is the most trusted Catholic Funeral director in Singapore. As we offer the premium Catholic Funeral Package Singapore at affordable cost. And, our package is in conformed with the rituals of Roman Catholic churches of Singapore.  In addition, we do not have any hidden cost or GST. Therefore, what you see in our website will what you get exactly. Now, for a 3 days Catholic funeral our Catholic package costs $6088 Nett (Solace). 

In addition, we have Fulfilled ($7588 Nett for 3 days), and Peace ($9088 Nett for 3 days), as Catholic Funeral Packages. Now, for each day you may add $250. Actually, there are no hard and fast rule for no. of days of Catholic Funeral. However, a Catholic funeral may occur from 3 days to 7 days. Now, this calculation is for HDB void deck setup only. Therefore, doing the same in Funeral parlour may attract higher costs.

Catholic Funeral Package
Row=package wise
Column=days wise
3 days
5 days
7 days
Solace  $6088 Nett
 $6588 Nett
 $7088 Nett
 $7588 Nett
 $8088 Nett
 $ 8588 Nett
Peace  $9088 Nett
 $9588 Nett
 $ 10088 Nett

Explore the Best

Catholic Funeral Packages Singapore (Updated 2023)


(Most Economic)

$SGD 6088 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 4 Sided Classic Casket


(Mostly Sold)

$SGD 7588 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 2 Roman Stand
  • 8 Sided Classic Casket


(Best Premium)

$SGD 9088 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • Grand Backdrop Catholic Theme
  • 1 Floral Frame
  • 1 Table Top Fresh Floral Arrangement
  • 1 Casket Spray (Large)
  • 4 Roman Stand
  • Catholic Funeral Prayers
  • Full View Panel Casket (Well Polished & Wooden)

Explore the package further

Catholic Package Description

- 01

Call Booking

  • CCOD if the death occurs at home from a house-call doctor.
  • Digital Death Certificate registry and download.
  • Briefly discuss about the wake setup, any special desire of the deceased or the family.
  • Prepare a complete roadmap of the funeral services and events.
- 02

Cosmetology Services

  • Embalming by professional female embalmers.
  • Bathing, make-up i.e. preparing him/her for the last journey/ wake day ceremony
- 03

Catholic Funeral Caskets

  • premium 4-sided wooden casket, polished and with half-glass view.
  • bible scriptures, or wooden cross,
  • Holy water, Rosary etc.
- 04

Pallbearers or, Professionals

  • Collection of the departed from the mortuary, hospital, or home and bring him/her to our facility for embalming, bathing, and cosmetology services.
  • After that, sending the deceased back to the place of funeral wake either at HDB – Void deck or at Funeral parlour.
- 05

Glass Hearse + Transport

  • 1 fully air-conditioned bus of 40 pax capacity (2 – way from wake venue to crematorium)
  • 1 premium glass hearse  (Mercedes-Benzes Vito ) for the funeral ceremony.
- 06

Tentage Setup

    • Enclosures for void deck,
    • premium catholic backdrop,
    • Standard tent canvas x 1 Set,
    • Cooking area tentage x 1 Set,
    • Surrounding canvas x 2 Sets,
    • Square Table x 15 Pieces,
    • Round tables x 10 Pieces,
    • Plastic Chairs x 80 Pieces,
    • Table clothes, & seat covers,
    • Carpet flooring, and void deck enclosures
    • General lighting as per Catholic theme.
    • dashing lighting ambience.
    • Big fans x 2 Sets.
    • Small fans x 4 Sets.
    • Air-cooler x 2 Sets (Add-on) $40/piece/day
- 06

Prayer Items

  • Candles (Small + Large),
  • Rosary,
  • Wooden Cross,
  • Holy waters,
  • Bible Copies etc.
- 07

Rosary Ceremony + Catholic Prayers

Catholic Funeral prayers are inevitable part of a Catholic Funeral. Prayers are taken place alongside silence. And, prayers are recited by the Veteran Catholic Priests as endorsed by Catholic church of Singapore. Catholic prayers can be taken place at Rite of Committal, or at Funeral Mass Requiem (Rosary Ceremony).

  • Prayer of the dead,
  • Prayer of the mourners.
- 08

Catholic Funeral Flowers

- 09

Vegetable Food Offerings + Catering

  • Food offerings for the deceased
  • Fruits offerings for the deceased person
  • Catering system for the guest
  • Packed mineral waters
  • Toffees/ Candies
  • Fruits like orange, melon seeds etc.
  • Tea, Coffee, & beverages etc.
- 10

Photo Enlargement

  • Enlarged Photograph (10″x12″) – 1 Set,
  • Passport sized photographs – 6 Pieces.
- 11

Complementary Services

  • Mandai Crematorium Booking,
  • Mandai Crematorium Fees,
  • Ash Collection Sevices,
  • Condolence Book,
  • Donation Collection Box,
  • Safe Box,
  • Record-Keeping Register,
  • Large Notice of Funeral,
  • Stationary Items/Set,
  • Infrared Thermometer,
  • Safe Check-in Entry,
  • Masks,
  • Sanitizers,
  • Appreciation Tokens for Guests,
  • Holy Waters for Guests.
  • White Tea Shirts & Blank Pants
- 12

Add-on Services

  • Catholic Sea Burial Services,
  • Inland Ash Scattering Services,
  • Post Funeral Grief Support,
  • Online/ Newspaper Obituary Placement,
  • Yearly Funeral Remembrance Festival,
  • Cremation Jewelry,
  • Dignified Soka Urns.
- 13

Non-Inclusive Items

  • Others Items needed for en-coffin necessities, (e.g: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis
  • Funeral parlour rental
  • No-hidden cost or GST for all our pricing
  • Pro-Bono funeral is available upon request
  • Sound System e. Speaker, Mic, Music Stand, Amplifier etc.
More Insights

Catholic Funeral

To begin with, Catholic Funeral Service consists of three (3) main stages,

  • Reception of the body or Prayer Vigil usually in the evening before the funeral (Optional),
  • Funeral Mass, or Mass Requiem, or Funeral Liturgy (With/ Without), &
  • Rite of Committal.

Reception at the Church

If the body was not received into the church the night before, the priest greets mourners at the church door and sprinkles holy water on the coffin. He then walks into the church ahead of the coffin. Family and friends may serve as coffin bearers.

Other family members may place a white pall over the coffin at the altar.
They may also place a cross and/or a Bible on the coffin. Mass cards and a photograph of the deceased may be placed near the coffin on a table.

Funeral Mass

As it includes Holy Communion, the Church encourages Catholics to hold a funeral Mass, also known as a Requiem Mass. It is thus centered on the commemoration of Christ’s death and resurrection.

If the deceased was a practicing Catholic, it is likely that they would have preferred a funeral Mass in their parish church. Funerals are part of the parish life in some parishes and are celebrated at a regular weekday Mass.

The Eucharist

If the Mass is for a funeral, family or friends may bring the bread or wine to the altar before the Eucharistic Prayer. Following that, Holy Communion is served.

Following Communion, a family member or close friend may speak briefly in memory of the deceased.

Final Commendation

Special prayers accompany the departed’s departure. The priest incenses and sprinkles holy water on the coffin. There is a farewell song, which is usually a hymn.

Rite of Committal

Mourners accompany the coffin to the graveside for the Rite of Committal if the person is to be buried at the cemetery. The priest reads a scripture verse and says special prayers there. The rite concludes with the congregation reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the priest bestowing a blessing. A hymn or song may conclude the rite.
If a body is to be cremated, the coffin is transported to the crematorium, where a brief service is held in the chapel.

Catholic Funeral Packages

Why Our’s Package is the Best Catholic Funeral Packages in Singapore?

Our Catholic Funeral Package offers unbeatable value for the money. Not only we provide top-tier services at a fair price, but also our customer service is exemplary. We are always available to help make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, from start to finish.

Furthermore, City’s Catholic Funeral Packages have a long history of providing high-quality funeral packages that cater to the needs of all people who use them. Our professional and experienced team understands that everyone has different preferences and wants something unique for themselves when it comes to funerals. This is why we offer a variety of options, including memorial ceremonies in lieu of traditional funerals, so that you can customize everything exactly how you want it!

City Funeral’s Catholic Funeral Packages are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for comprehensive and affordable Catholic funeral services that will leave you feeling relieved

In what we fully realize is a very distressing and traumatic moment for you, City Funeral can assist your bereaved family through the complete Roman Catholic funeral process with understanding and care.

You can get all the required funeral goods, including high-quality caskets, directly from us in addition to our post-funeral support services, saving you the trouble  and additional cost of having to look elsewhere.

We are Roman Catholics & we are ritualistic. After my father passed away, we have called City Funeral. And, Leslie guided us over telephone. We are amazed to see their know-hoe Roman Catholic Funeral rituals. Thanks team for a awesome Roman Catholic Funeral service.


Therefore, if you need Catholic Funeral Packages City Funeral Singapore is ready to serve you.


Catholic funeral is a religious ritualistic ceremony to pay the ultimate homage to the faithful departed who believes in Catholicism.

There are 3 elements of a Catholic Funeral services, The Vigil, The Funeral Mass, and the Rite of Committal.

In a Catholic Funeral in Singapore it is better to wear ethnic attire preferably black or white may be acceptable.

Before, you prepare for a Catholic Funeral you may need an expert advice and don’t hesitate to call us at +6598892744. Basically, you will need the identification documents, clothing of the deceased and along with some photographs.

City Funeral is the preferred and trusted Catholic Funeral director in Singapore.

City Funeral offers the best Catholic Funeral Packages in Singapore as of 2023.

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