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Buddhist Funeral Services

To understand what our Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore contains, it is necessary to decode a Buddhist Funeral Service. Buddhist Funeral Services customs and rituals may vary upon region to region or country to country. This is due to the inflows of traditions and cultures and also the different school of Buddhism. However, at the core of Buddhism there is the concept of ‘Samsara’ – the cycle of life and death. Therefore, a Buddhist funeral is a ceremony of transition from this living world to the unknown or the next phase of life.

A Buddhist funeral is peaceful, calm, and serene. Most of the people in Singapore loved to plan Buddhist Funeral Services which are simple. Now, the center of the attraction in a Buddhist Funeral is the Buddhist altar. In addition, flowers and vegetable fruit offerings are made. And, no body touches the dead body for four (4) hours as this helps the soul to leave the body. In conclusion, cremation is taken place after the wake.

There are no specific guidelines for a Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore. Therefore, often Singaporeans got influence from Chinese traditions while performing Buddhist Funeral ritual. Now, a Monk or a group of monks lead the funeral ceremony. Chanting Buddhist sutras, ringing gongs or bells are the inevitable part of Buddhist Funeral ceremony. This is a overview what you can get in Buddhist Funeral Packages.

A Complete

Buddhist Funeral Package

Buddhist Funeral Packages Singapore as offered by City Funeral is complete in all respect and very economic. For instance, we do not charge any hidden cost. Therefore, what you see in our website will what you get. Now, for 3 days Buddhist funeral our Buddhist package costs $7588 Nett (Simplicity). 

In addition we have Honour ($9588 Nett for 3 days), and Legacy ($11588 Nett for 3 days), as Buddhist Funeral Packages. Now, for each day you may add $250 and as you know Buddhist funeral only occur for odd number of days (e.g. 5 days, 7 days). However, this calculation is for HDB void deck setup only. Therefore, doing the same in Funeral parlour may attract higher costs.

Buddhist Funeral Package
Row=package wise
Column=days wise
3 days
5 days
7 days
Grace  $7800 Nett
 $8300 Nett
 $8800 Nett
 $9800 Nett
 $10300 Nett
 $ 10800 Nett
Legacy  $13300 Nett
 $13800 Nett
 $ 14300 Nett
Buddhist Funeral Packages

Explore the Best

Buddhist funeral packages singapore (updated 2023)


(Basic Starter)

$SGD 7800 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Standard Buddhist Setup
  • Lotus Light Box
  • Table & Chair Covers
  • 1 Frame + 4 Tables Floral Arrangement Set
  • 1,3,1 佛說阿彌陀經 (3 Monks)
  • 4 Sided Classic Casket


(Mostly Sold)

$SGD 9800 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Grand LED Backdrop Setup
  • Lotus Light Box
  • Lotus Blanket & Pillow Set
  • Table & Chair Covers
  • Floral Arrangement Set (1 Frame + 6ft low long + 2 table)
  • 1,3,1 地藏菩萨本願功 德經 (3 Monks)
  • 8-sided Lotus Casket


(Most Premium)

$SGD 13300 Nett
+ Customized upgrade of items available
  • Grand LED Backdrop Setup
  • Lotus Light Box
  • Lotus Blanket & Pillow Set
  • Table & Chair Covers
  • Floral Arrangement Set (1 Frame + 6ft low long + 2 table)
  • Elegant Floral Altar Setup
  • 1,3,1 蓮華經普⾨品,⾦剛般若密經,佛說阿彌陀經 (3 Monks)
  • Add Night Chanting 地藏菩薩本願功德經 (3 Monks)
  • Funeral Day Additional 佛說阿彌陀經 (1 Monk)
  • Final Tribute Ceremony
  • Full View/ Half View Well Polished & Elegant Wooden Casket

Explore the package further


- 01

Service Request

Preliminary services or call-booking means you called us and booked us for the dignified send-off for your loved one.  

  • Obtenation of CCOD,
  • If death occurs at hospital doctors issue CCOD free-of-cost,
  • If not, we arrange a house-call doctor who will issue CCOD (Charges of are inclusive),
  • Register the death within 24 Hours & obtain Digital Death Certificate,
  • Mandai Crematorium Booking & Mandai Crematorium Fees,
  • Discussion with family about the funeral wake ceremonies, complete briefing of Buddhist funeral packages,
  • We pay attention to the need of family members and also concerned about any last wishes of the deceased,
- 02


Embalming is the process through which decomposition the corpse is delayed.  Licensed female embalmers do the embalming of your loved one.

  • Bathing the deceased,
  • Embalming Services,
  • Make-up Services.
- 03

Buddhist Funeral Caskets

  • A Premium, wooden, well-polished Casket (4 options available),
  • Casket with half-view,
  • Green Casket,
  • Casket furnishing,
  • Pillow,
  • Buddhist sutra blanket,
  • Pearl (to be placed inside the lips of the deceased),
  • Sandal Wood,
  • Powdered Sandal,
  • Rolls of Cotton.
- 04

Pallbearers or, Professionals

  • Collection of the deceased (from the hospital, home, or mortuary),
  • Transfer him/her to our facility for embalming,
  • Send the deceased to the funeral wake location,
  • Deporting him/her for cremation/burial,
  • Professional service team during the funeral wake day,
  • Pall-bearers well-mannered and dressed in premium suits
- 05

Glass Hearse + Transport

  • Collect the body from the hospital/mortuary/house,
  • Transfer him/her to our base for the purpose of embalming,
  • Sending him/her to the funeral wake/for cremation,
  • Mercedes-Benzes Vito glass hearse on the day of funeral wake,
  • 2-way fully air-conditioned bus (45/50 seater).
- 06

Tentage Setup

  • Premium/modern backdrop at-par Buddhism,
  • Yellow, White, or Matt Green Themes,
  • Void deck enclosures (1 Unit),
  • Curtains & Tentage setup,
  • Carpeted flooring,
  • Straw mats,
  • Round tables (10 Units),
  • Square tables (15 units),
  • Chairs (100 Units),
  • Lights & General Lighting setup,
  • Ceiling Fans (4 Units),
  • Stand Fans (2 Units),
  • Decent & Gorgeous Lighting Ambience,
  • Air-coolers (2 Units).
- 06

Encoffin Necessities

  • Sandalwood powder,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Cotton roll,
  • 2 Oil cup,
  • 1 high quality porcelain,
  • Incense burner,
  • Long sandalwood incense (est 6 hrs),
  • Short sandalwood incense (est 1 hr),
  • Quality pagoda incense (Also for Buddha offerings),
  • Maitreya Quilt,
  • Red Cloth,
  • Red Plate and paper umbrella.
- 07

Buddhist Chanting Session + Music

  • 3 Buddhist Prayer Sessions,
  • Revered Buddhist Monk,
  • Encoffinment Prayer,
  • Last Night Prayer (7.30PM – 9.45PM),
  • Funeral Day Prayer,
  • Burial at Sea Prayer,
  • Background Music by Band throughout the wake.
  • Buddhism Religious Hymns.
- 08

Buddhist Funeral Flowers

  • Condolence Wreath,
  • Photo Frame Wreath,
  • Cleansing Flower Water,
  • Floral Frame (11”/13”),
  • Fresh Funeral Flowers,
  • Buddhist Flowers Offering.
- 09

Vegetable Food Offerings + Catering

  • Packed Mineral Waters,
  • Packet Drinks,
  • Tea, Coffee Beverages,
  • Oranges,
  • Peanuts,
  • Melon Seeds,
  • Other Food Items,
  • Candies/Toffies.
  • 1 set of food offerings for the deceased, serve during encoffin ritual, final night of funeral and on funeral day.
  • 1 set of fruits offerings for the deceased.
  • 1 set of fruits offering for Buddha’s alter.
- 10

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photograph to 10inch by 12inch frame up with wooden photo frame,.
  • 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph.
- 11

Guest Reception

  • Condolence Book,
  • Donation Collection Box,
  • Safe Box,
  • Record-Keeping Register,
  • Large Notice of Funeral,
  • Stationary Items/Set,
  • Infrared Thermometer,
  • Safe Check-in Entry,
  • Masks,
  • Sanitizers,
  • Appreciation Tokens for Guests,
  • Floral Cleansing Waters for Guests.
  • White Tea Shirts & Blank Pants
- 12

Add-on Services

  • Funeral Parlour Booking,
  • Covid -19 Precaution/Protection Services,
  • Buddhist Sea Burial Services,
  • Inland Ash Scattering Services,
  • Post Funeral Grief Support,
  • 49- Days Grieving Support,
  • Online/ Newspaper Obituary Placement,
  • Yearly Funeral Remembrance Festival,
  • Cremation Jewelry,
  • Dignified Buddhist Urns.
- 13

Non-Inclusive Items

  • Mobile Toilet is available @ $80/day,
  • Air-Cooler is available @ $40/day,
  • Incense Paper, Paper Houses sole separately and available on pay as you use basis,
  • Catering/ Foods/T-shirts etc. are also available on consignment basis.
More Insights

Buddhist Funeral package

Buddhist Funeral Rituals may vary depending upon the schools of Buddhism, within the schools and also depending on the country. The religion “Buddhism” founded by Siddhartha Gautama 2500 years ago in India. And, the heart of which is attaining “Nirvana” – The ultimate path of life. In addition, Buddhist people believe in afterlife. Thus, Buddhist funeral is all about a ceremony, chanting, and prayers so the dead may transit from one life to another peacefully.

Chanting Buddhist hymns is very important during a Buddhist funeral procession. A Buddhist funeral depicts the various stages of life and death of human being. It describes how we suffer, what causes us to suffer, and what we need to do to stop suffering.


Buddhist Funeral Packages

On a Buddhist funeral wake, guests light one single joss stick to pay respect to the dead at the Buddhist altar. Illuminating one single joss candle is a great way to pay respect to the deceased. Most people simply light one stick to represent that they want to honor someone. Guests pay respects at the altar, and then family members bow down as a form of appreciation.

Monks chant during the first day , last night, and on funeral days. Prior to being cremated, a monk will have a brief chanting session. After the funeral ceremony is over, the cremation takes place.   

In conclusion, we may say our Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore is complete in all respect. At request of our customer, we may also customize Buddhist Funeral Packages as per budget and requirements. Our decade of experience, professional know-how, depth of understanding of Buddhism help us to offer Buddhist funeral services which is dignified, & serene.

We have reached out to City Funeral for a premium Buddhist Funeral Package for our deceased uncle. Amazing, they support our family in such a manner I can't forget. The funeral was peaceful and all ritualistic elements were perfect. Thanks Alverna.


Therefore, if you need Buddhist Funeral Packages City Funeral Singapore is reday to serve you.

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