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Buddhist funeral Services  are majorly centered on the belief in reincarnation. Indeed much of the faith of the Buddhist is centered around his belief in karma as well as its effect on rebirth.  A Buddhist believes death is the beginning of a new round of rebirth, which is determined by both the eminence and quota of karma that was accumulated during such deceased’s lifetime.  At City Funeral Singapore, we help the family to provide the deceased loved one with a meaningful and dignified sendoff, and help him move on smoothly to his next life.

Simply because we understand that even the easiest decisions can most times appear very difficult to make for the family of the bereaved in a time as difficult as this, we have buckled up to ensure that our Funeral Consultants are up to speed to offer advice based on any Buddhist Funeral customs and traditions whenever the need arises.

In essence, staff of City Funeral Singapore are well trained to be very attentive and sensitive to the needs and requirements of the family because we understand what it means to lose a loved one.  At City Funeral Singapore, we are proud of our work.

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Buddhist Basic Funeral Package

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1. Services from Funeral Director
– To give immediate response to the grieve family, making all necessary arrangement and consultation of funeral procedures.

2. Casket
– 4 sided coffin,High gloss polished wood with designated religious ornaments .

3. Pall-Bearers
– To provide transport and labours:
1) Collection of deceased body from place of death, to bring deceased body back to our parlour for embalming, make-up and shower, change clothing.
2) Send deceased body and casket back to the funeral wake venue (void deck) for encoffin ritual.
3) On the actual day of the funeral procession to the designated place of cremation.

4. Encoffin necessities
– Sandalwood powder
– Sandalwood
– Cotton roll
– 2 Oil cup
– 1 high quality porcelain incense burner
– Long sandalwood incense (est 6 hrs)
– Short sandalwood incense (est 1 hr)
– Quality pagoda incense (Also for Buddha offerings)
– Maitreya Quilt
– Red Cloth, Red Plate and paper umbrella

5. Hearse
– A contemporary hearse to transport the deceased to the designated places of cremation.

6. Tentages
Set up includes:
– 1 set of standard tent setup for casket area.
– Carpet flooring and curtains in casket area.
– 2 pieces of surrounding canvas.
– 1 piece of cooking area canvas.
– 10 round tables, 15 square tables and 80 plastic chairs.
– 2 big fans, 4 small fans and general lighting.

7. Buddhist chanting sessions
To arrange and provide:
1) One reverend chanting during encoffin ritual.
2) Three reverend chanting during final night of funeral.
3)One reverend chanting on funeral day.

8. Vegetarian Food & Fruit offerings
– 1 set of food offerings for the deceased, serve during encoffin ritual, final night of funeral and on funeral day.
– 1 set of fruits offerings for the deceased.
– 1 set of fruits offering for Buddha’s alter.

9. Decorations
– Buddhist funeral decoration setup and backdrop.

10. Photo Enlargement
– 1 enlarged photograph to 10inch by 12inch frame up with wooden photo frame.
– 6 pieces of passport-sized photograph.

11. Floral arrangement
– 1 elegant photo flower wreath.
– 2 table bouquets on the altar.
– 2 table bouquets on the buddha’s altar.

12. PA system on final night

13. Bus charter
– 1 fully air-conditioned bus of 35 to 40 pax capacity, 2 ways from funeral wake venue to the crematorium.
– 1 fully air-conditioned Mini bus of 8 pax capacity, 3 ways from funeral wake venue to the crematorium and “AnLing”.

** Others Cost excluded from package.
* Others Items needed for encoffin necessities, (eg: tshirt) will be charge on a consignment basis.
* Food and drinks will be charge on a consignment basis.
* No-hidden cost or GST for all our pricing.
* Customised of package is available upon request.
* Pro-Bono funeral is available upon request.

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