There are many great reasons why advance planning funeral-(Pre-plan funeral |After life funeral) planning & wills planning is the best thing you can do for yourself and loved ones.  Undeniably, everyone will leave this earth someday, but preparedness is what makes each person different from another.  So at City Funeral Singapore, we as you, are you prepared?  If you’re not, like most aren’t, at City Funeral Singapore, we assist in making sure you and your family are at an utmost level of preparation.

Planning ahead is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. Knowing fully well that many procedures are involved in planning a funeral, you’d have saved them this worry and complications by planning ahead.  This shows you love them undeniably.

Our professionalism spans the extreme ends of physical care and emotional as well as psychological comfort whenever the inevitable occurs, for you and family.  We are procedural, detailed and patient in our planning and action.

So why not lets Advance Planning Funeral help you leave lasting memories strictly based on your final wishes? Let’s help keep your memories alive.

The Calculator

Compare the funeral costs of a prepaid funeral plan, funeral insurance and no protection in a few simple steps.

Please note: the figure of $6,500 is for comparison purposes only. As there are a wide range of funeral choices, your prepaid funeral plan may be less or more expensive based on the choices you make.

I am a
I am a
I would spend


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