Late Mr Joseph Tan (Age 58)

Dec 19, 1959 - Jun 18, 2018

obituary joseph tan   Obituary of Late Mr Joseph Tan Our deepest condolences to the family. Lots of Love f

In life, every goodbye is different and the same is true when arranging a funeral goodbye, whether that’s for a loved one or your own.

Keep Them in our Memory

Writing an obituary is a way of honoring your loved one’s life and announcing their death to the public so as to create awareness to those who might know the deceased or don’t.  In the obituary, we also express how the death of a person serves as a sting to everyone in his family and the world around them.  We distinctly state the noticeable events and the attributes of the deceased and hold in high esteem the impact the deceased made on the environment.

At City Funeral Singapore, we help people in creating obituaries which will help them capture their loved one’s life without omitting any substance that is of great value or leave behind important facts and unforgettable moments.  Unfortunately, many obituaries written nowadays fail to convey the immense contribution made by the deceased and often pull the wool over people’s eye hence, they serve as non-meaningful tributes when read by people.

We comply with whatever you tell us to do and understand the fact that sometimes the work given to us might be urgent and we urge you to take our words for it; the obituary will be done in a jiffy and will be delivered as at when due.

We hope you’ll give us a trial in case of any upcoming funeral and then you’ll know that a trial will convince you.



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