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City Funeral Singapore Pte Ltd. is an one-stop solution for your funeral needs in Singapore. Our professional team well versed with rituals & rites of various religions that are dominant in Singapore. We have committed to the bereaved families of Singapore since 2015 to provide the highest quality of services. Therefore, if you searching for a trusted Funeral Services Singapore, you can rely on us. Keep scrolling to explore more...

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Since inception, City Funeral Services Singapore, proved itself as a leading funeral services provider in Singapore. As our professional team is dedicated to support the family in tough time of grief. And, everything in an affordable pricing. As of 2023, we provide the competitive Funeral Packages Singapore. In addition, we have completely mention all the breakdown pricing of funeral packages in Singapore. Hence, what you see in our website is exactly what you get. We do not have hidden cost or GST. That’s why we have emerged as trusted funeral services company in Singapore.

To serve our clients better, City Funeral offer a wide range of Funeral Services to cater the need of individuals. From Funeral Services of different religions and races to mobile toilet, videography, flower wreaths, condolences/ obituaries we have it all. In addition, we please to inform you that, City Funeral Singapore Pte Ltd. obtained licensed embalming facilities among the twenty five (25) licensed funeral parlours in Singapore. Therefore, we have now in-house embalmer service at our facility.

As a result, City have it all to provide a dignified send-off to your deceased loved one. Therefore, if you want to arrange a dignified yet affordable funeral for your loved one, give us a call.

Alverna Cher

Alverna Cher is the founder of City Funeral Singapore Pte. Ltd. Later, in 2021 Leslie Wong joined as Managing Director.

City Funeral Team

We have very energetic and experienced in-house team who can handle funeral of most of the religions.


 When you lost your loved one you may find that, you are in a state of complete confusion and deep grief. In the above backdrop, with our procedural know-how, professional skills, & deep understanding of various religions and their rituals we are ready to support in that situation.

In addition, we have several certification and standardization to support our professional efficacy. Therefore, in the days of grief we are ready to help you arrange a premium but affordable funeral to pay the ultimate homage to the departed loved one.

To conclude, to perform our Corporate Social Responsibilities we also arrange Pro Bono Funeral and Coffin Donation Program for the poor and deprived. That, also makes us unique. And lastly, Alverna also provide Will Writing Services, Grief Counseling etc.

Some reviews from

Our happy clients

" I personally offer my gratitude to Alverna Cher & City Funeral team for arranging a premium class Christian Funeral services at such short notice. Even the smallest things they give ultimate perfection and the backdrop setup was excellently beautiful. "
" We were confused and dazed during the death of our mother. Soon after we called City Funeral Alverna took the charge. She then arranged a dignified and solemn Taoist Funeral for us. All religious elements were correct and complete in all respect. "
"We belongs to typical middle class family. But, with City Funeral we have not faced any issues while arranging funeral of our late father. With our limited budget they have arranged the best Buddhist funeral including chanting from the priests. "
" My father passed away in midnight at our home. I searched over internet best Taoist Funeral services in Singapore. I got City Funeral. And, truly I must say Google knows it all. Alverna & team arranged a premium class Taoist Funeral services for us. "
" We have reached out to City Funeral for a premium Buddhist Funeral Package for our deceased uncle. Amazing, they support our family in such a manner I can't forget. The funeral was peaceful and all ritualistic elements were perfect. Thanks Alverna. "
"The team of City Funeral Singapore were well-dressed, good mannered, & absolutely professional. We have lost our father in midst of Covid. And, Leslie knows all the process of handle funeral in Covid. Truly, City is the best funeral services singapore. "
" I am dazed to see their knowledge on Chinese Taoist funeral customs, specially Leslie. City Funeral also helped our family through their Grief Counseling add-on and post funeral services like Taoist Gong-Tek. They are excellent in funeral services. "
" I must say City Funeral in not only the best funeral services Singapore but the best International Repatriation Services provider in Singapore. They handled all documentation correctly and handle the repatriation services hassle-free. "
"If you are looking for the best funeral services in Singapore, City Funeral is an one-stop place for you. They have arranged Soka funeral which unforgettable. They well understood various religions and caskets and funeral flowers are awesome. "

funeral packages


Cater the need of Buddhist people of Singapore.


To help the Chinese Taoist people of Singapore.


This is for the Christians of Singapore.


For the Roman Catholic people of Singapore.


Soka Package for Soka people of Singapore.


Direct Funeral Packages for Direct Cremation.


For Non Religious & Free Thinker or Atheist people.

starts from $2000.00

Repatriation Funeral Packages for Repatriation In/Out.


Wide range of Caskets for premium funeral.

looking for the best funeral services singapore this is


Customer Centric

The pillar of our success is customer centricity right from the beginning of our journey as a one-stop funeral services in Singapore.

Hard Working

Funeral Services Singapore by City Funeral consists of well dedicated and hardworking staffs who ready to give 100% always to our clients.

24/7 Availability & On Time

Death may occur anytime. Thats why, our careline is active for 24x7 to help you in the most distressed time. We are punctual as well.

Affordable & No Hidden Cost

Being a leading funeral services in Singapore we arrange dignified funeral at affordable cost. Our funeral packages are economic and no hidden cost.

A Decade of Experince

City Funeral Singapore had a decade of experience in handling Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, Soka, Direct funeral & funeral repatriation cases.

Positive Customer Feedback

We do not call ourselves the best it is our numerous Google my business & Trustpilot reviews prove that we are the best funeral services in Singapore.

value added

In addition to various religious funeral services we also provide some value added services. These services are related to funeral services and serched by many people beside funeral. As a result, City Funeral Singapore, the best Funeral Services Company in Singapore provide (1) Will Writing, (2) Funeral Pre-planning, & (3) Grief Counselling Support.

Will Writing

Alverna Cher, the founder of City Funeral Singapore is well-versed in writing will. She has written almost 1500 wills till date. Therefore, you can blindly believe our Will Writing Services.

Funeral Preplan

People avoid controversial topic like death, funeral, & funeral pre-planning. But, reality is if you preplan your funeral you will less your tension and also reduce the same on your family about funeral expense.

Greif Support

City Funeral Singapore, being the most trusted Funeral Services Singapore, provide comprehensive Grief Counseling Services. Actually, bereaved family needs sometimes support to overcome the grief.

Condolence Flowers

Now, you can send funeral flowers or condolence flowers wreaths to a bereaved families of Singapore. There are wide range of funeral flowers options available to purchase in our funeral shop.

Singapore Obituaries

With Singapore Funeral Services, by City Funeral, you can place Online Obituaries in Singapore. As a Singapore Obituaries, we have placed obituary of Late Joseph Tan Kim Toh in our website as the first one.

Beautiful Urns

As a Funeral Services Singapore and the only Funeral Shop in Singapore we also have plenty of urns in our stock from economic to premium price ranges. For Sea Burial, Ash Scattering etc. you may buy.

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Please, stay calm and cool and call our 24×7 careline: +6598892774. Our experienced funeral organizer team will guide you from the beginning to the end of the funeral process. Now, if the death occurs at hospital the doctor will certify the cause of the death (CCOD). If the death occurs at home we will arrange a house-call doctor to issue CCOD (Certificate of the cause of the dead).

However, in case of accidental, suicidal, or unnatural death (where the doctor unable to ascertain the cause of the death) the body will be transferred to mortuary@ HSA for autopsy. The next stage is to register the death and obtain Digital death certificate. Subsequently, the permission for cremation is to be obtained from NEA.

However, you don’t need to consider or take burden of this process as the magnificent team of City Funeral Singapore Pte. Ltd will guide you or do each and every step. For further reading, you may read our guide what to do when your loved one passes away in Singapore.

If death had occurred overseas, the death is to be registered with the foreign authorities in the overseas country. Now, a Coffin import permit is necessary to bring back the dead body to Singapore. Now, City Funeral Singapore had a decade of experience in handling repatriation funeral.

Therefore, you can rely on us to arrange an international repatriation services to bring back your deceased loved one to Singapore. Now, Coffin permit may be obtained through NEA e-portal of Port Health Services. After the dead body reach Singapore, the death to be registered in here also and then cremation/ burial. To further read, kindly follow our guide on what to do when loved one passes away overseas.

The first and foremost things you will need the identity documents of the deceased and the same of the next of kin (NOK). As, those documents are necessary in times of obtaining the Digital Death Certificate. Subsequently, death certificate will be required while applying for cremation permission with NEA. However, these are procedural or legal requirements of a funeral.

Rather, we will advise that you should care of your personal and family needs while your loved one passes away. For example, clothes for your loved one in the last journey, any final wishes, and any special request from him/her to be fulfilled during funeral etc. At the same time, you should consider will or estate planning by him/her, funeral expenses, and choice of funeral parlour etc.

To arrange a funeral service for your deceased loved one in Singapore you will need the help a funeral services company. City Funeral Singapore Pte. Ltd is a one-stop funeral services company in Singapore and to reach us dial +6598892744. In addition, you must consider the below mentioned thing while arranging a funeral,

  • Your religion/ faith,
  • Location & no. of days of the wake,
  • Choice of burial or cremation,
  • Clothes for your loved one in his/her last journey,
  • Guests to invite, foods to be served etc.,
  • Photo to be enlarged,
  • Choice of casket, urns, sea burial, inland ash scattering, columbarium & flowers,
  • Any customization need to honor the last wish of your loved one,
  • Grief counselling, if any.

It is quite common that, you may be confused between HDB Void deck & Funeral parlour. To elaborate, you do not know where to hold the wake of your deceased loved one among the above mentioned location. To explain, holding a wake at HDB void deck is cheap and easier. However, permission from the society committee is required. On the other hand, arranging a funeral wake in funeral parlour is expensive and luxury. However, you will get posh services in lieu of money. Like, free Wi-Fi, toilets, big rooms, air condition, coffee vending machine etc.

A funeral typically cost from $5000 to $15000 in Singapore. However, there are several factors that may influence the price of a funeral package in Singapore. The thing or factor that mostly effect is the religion of the deceased. Generally, a Taoist funeral costs very high than a Buddhist or Christian funeral. Funeral repatriation service is also costly. However, to know more on Funeral Costs in Singapore please read our blog. To conclude, the following are the few factors that influence the price of a funeral,

  • Religion of the deceased,
  • of days of funeral wake,
  • Location of the wake (HDB Void deck or Funeral parlour),
  • Casket,
  • Urn, & columbarium,
  • Funeral flowers,
  • of guests invited,
  • Hearse,
  • Choice of burial or cremation,
  • Green funeral,
  • Sea burial,
  • Inland ash scattering, & so on.

We have a decade of experience in handling funeral of various religions. To summarize, we offer,

  • Buddhist Funeral Services,
  • Taoist Funeral Services,
  • Christian Funeral Services,
  • Catholic Funeral Services,
  • Soka Funeral Services,
  • Free-Thinker Funeral Services,
  • Direct Cremation Services,
  • International Repatriation Services.

A funeral works very simple way in Singapore. To arrange a funeral you will need a funeral services in Singapore. And, City Funeral is one of the best among them. Now, as soon as you call us we will start our work. To explain, we will guide you thoroughly from the beginning to the end in arranging the funeral wake.

And, we also take care of all the paper work or legal obligation in arranging the funeral peacefully. We offer various kinds of funeral packages that may fit suitably as per your need. To conclude, with City Funeral you can have a peace of mind as we arrange a dignified, simple, and serene funeral for your deceased loved one at affordable cost.  

Direct funeral or the direct cremation is the cheapest funeral option available in Singapore. As the name suggest, direct cremation or straight-case cremation means soon after the death the dead body is sent for cremation without any funeral wake. Embalming is not required. And, the body is sent for cremation in a very simple casket. Now, you could understand why the direct funeral is the cheapest funeral option in Singapore.

There are several factors based upon which you may decide whether a funeral services company or a funeral home is best or not. The same is as follows,

  • Online reviews,
  • Distance from your home,
  • of years in service,
  • Different kind of funeral packages it offers,
  • Pricing of the funeral packages,
  • Services included in those packages, and so on.

 Now to read the complete guide to choose the best funeral services in Singapore please read our blog.

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